Family nights in are becoming a regular tradition in our home, now it’s not just any family night in which is most nights, it’s pizza night where we all  spend time together and make fun family memories.

There are lots of things that make that “Perfect” family night and it’s important to be prepared with all the essentials to make the kiddos happy!


Every family night needs movies, when it’s just my husband and I we usually end up binge watching something at night time but when the kids are up it’s animated movies that they love, although I’ve seen most of them we always try and dig out something new to watch.


Call me old fashioned but it’s fun to snuggle up in a blanket whilst watching your favorite movies and eating your favorite pizza.  We all love to have our own blanket and if we are feeling super crafty we will make a tent out of them in the living room accompanied by a pillow fort.  It’s one way to stay comfy spend time together and watch a good movie!


Pizza is the best, and not just any pizza, Papa John’s.  We order it at least once or twice every few weeks and it’s the perfect way to indulge in something delicious whilst spending time with the family.  There is always some topping, crust or flavor that everyone will love!

Papa John’s Gluten Free Crust with Ancient Grains is what we chose for dinner last night whilst watching a movie and spending some time together, of course we picked up some other goodies from Papa John’s but I was super excited to try their Gluten Free Crust option.

My daughter who doesn’t usually eat a lot of the crust because it’s too thick loved the gluten free option, it was thin and crispy and she managed to eat 2 whole slices!

When I think “Gluten Free” I don’t imagine something to taste as good as non gluten free but the Papa John’s Gluten Free Crust was everything and more, it’s now my favorite way to eat pizza and serve to my kids.  I like to make sure my little ones eat healthier options, but I don’t like to deprive them of good tasty food so the Gluten Free crust is perfect to make it that little bit more healthy for them. Some of the ancient grains used to make the crust are Sorghum, Teff, Amaranth, and Quinoa, some of my favorites!

Want to try a 2 topping Gluten Free Crust Pizza from Papa John’s?

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