This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

To some people, picking a deodorant may not seem like a big deal but I’ve literally reviewed and tested out hundreds of different deodorants and from trial and error, I’ve learned what a good deodorant should have and what I need.

No White Marks

Have you ever put on your deodorant and a nice clean outfit only to find out that it’s left white marks and streaks under the armpit area? Even worse it’s somehow managed to get on the outside of your clothes!

It’s important to pick a deodorant that will not leave stains, especially if you’re going to something formal or you’re on a night out, that’s the last thing you want to worry about!  Degree Women Motion Sense™ and Degree Men Advanced Protection with MotionSense™ have anti white mark and anti yellow stain protection so you won’t need to worry!

All Day Freshness

I’ve tried a number of deodorants that work for an hour or two then they stop working and you start to smell nasty, especially when working out! Degree Women Motion Sense gives me the confidence and freshness I need and want to go about my day without having to worry about how much I sweat! The best thing? The more you work out and move around, the better Motion Sense™ technology works, for up to 48 hours!

Something that smells good and fits in your bag

I’m typically not into unscented products, I like to know I am wearing something I like to know that i’ll smell good no matter what!  I also like something small enough to possibly fit in my makeup bag and become an essential everywhere I go!

Confidence is key and I believe the products you use will help with that, confidence comes from the inside and outside.

Degree has many types of deodorants from dry sprays to clinical protection, there is something for absolutely everyone that will fit your needs and they will keep you dry and fresh all day long, up to 48 hours!

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I am loving the MotionSense™ Technology, I haven’t found any other product that has such a great feature and I now have my new favorite deodorant that has become an essential! Have you tried Motion Sense™ technology? What are your thoughts?