Every year, as it gets closer to prom, you read tons of stories about teenagers being turned away on prom night for what they choose to wear. While the school may sometimes be right to do so, other times do seem unjustified. But, there are rules, and they are pretty clear. So, if your daughter dreams of attending prom and looking dazzling, it’s up to you to help her look her best.

It’s not just about budgeting, arranging transport, and getting your camera read. Here are a few tips to help her look and feel like a true princess on her special prom night.

1. Find out if there is a dress code

Just about every school has a dress code, and many of them will make students aware of it well before prom night. It’s best for you and your daughter to start shopping for prom dresses by top designers as early as possible, so it’s a good idea to ask the school for a copy of the prom dress code in advance. Once you know what restrictions are in place, you and your daughter can pick a dress that looks amazing and doesn’t get her into any trouble.

2. Help her accessorise

The dress is just a part of the overall look, and sometimes, showing less is more. Help your daughter accessorise her outfit to achieve an overall look that is sensational. A great pair of heels along with a scarf or shawl can make her look elegant and sophisticated. You can also help her pick out a bag and jewellery.

3. Make-up and hair

Help her look her best for prom by budgeting for a professional hairstyle, and getting her nails and makeup done, too. Turning up feeling totally pampered with an exceptional hairdo and flawless makeup and nails is sure to make people notice her for all the right reasons, particularly if she is usually more plain or modest. Jewellery can help to top off her overall look, leaving her both look and feeling like a million dollars when she begins her very special night. One of the best things is that you do not really have to spend a huge fortune to help your daughter look her best for prom. There are some amazing bargains to be had on 2018 prom dresses, and you could encourage her to start learning and practicing how to do her own hair, makeup and nails. It all takes a little planning and creativity, and, along with a stunning prom dress, you can help your princess feel like the royalty she is on prom night.