We just took on our first mortgage in 2015 and for once in my life it’s been nice to actually have a huge project to work on (yes my entire house!).  I am loving some of the new smart products that have shown up in the recent years, they really make life a little easier on me, some even help lower my bills and having a smart home is just awesome, especially when I can control things like temperature and security cameras when I am on the go!

Here are 5 amazing Smart Products I think that every home should have!

1. Nest Thermostat

nestDid you know that your thermostat controls half of your energy bill? That’s right and it’s something that we were tired of having pretty much no control over!

The Nest Learning Thermostat does what other Thermostats don’t do, it helps you save energy and it’s super smart.

It has already saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide and that’s a lot!

Studies have shown that it saved people an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.

After you have used your Nest Thermostat for a few days, it learns how you like things and it will smartly adapt the temperature to fit your needs.

Even if you’re not home you can adjust Nest Thermostat from your phone, which is one of my absolute favorite features!

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2. Nest Protect

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Name of original DMax file: nes_s03v03f_Alarm_Top_v2_Simp.psd

One of the dangers that most people worry about inside their home is fires, smoke and carbon monoxide, some fire detectors, old ones especially don’t have the latest technology to recognize different types of fires.

Nest Protect has the latest technology and if you have more than one Nest Protect in your home, every alarm will go off in each room even if the fire is only detected in one room. For example if you are downstairs and the fire is upstairs the Nest Protect downstairs will alert you too.

Nest Protect also works with Nest Thermostat, in an emergency, Nest Protect can tell the Thermostat to turn off in the event of Carbon Monoxide or to prevent heat from spreading in the event of a fire.

Nest Protect also has a great phone app that lets you control some of the features!

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3. Ring – Video Doorbell Pro


I have a sign on my door that says, no soliciting, no religion, no fundraising and no salesmen, but does that stop people? No, they still knock most of the time regardless and I can’t really see who is at my door.

With Ring, you will be able to see exactly who is at your door before you open it, that means if you are home alone or just don’t want to answer to sales people or stranger, you catch my drift? Then you don’t need to and you can see exactly who is their before deciding if you want to open your door to someone.

There is a crystal clear 1080p high-definition resolution camera that lets you see visitors from wherever you are, and its infrared LEDs monitor round-the-clock movement and activity.

You can also record moments and share them, if you decide to do so and keep track of who is visiting your home!

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4. Phillips Hue Starter Kit

4373916_rdIf there is one thing I love, it’s being able to control the lighting in my house, I love different colored lights, they can really set the mood and they are also great for photography, but who wants to change a light bulb every time?

The Philips Hue White and Ambiance Starter Kit is the ultimate way to have a connected lighting system in your home!  It includes 3 light bulbs and a bridge that helps connect the lights to the app and router.

Choose from preset light recipes or create your own with 16 million colors,create and save scenes using your favorite photos as palettes

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5. BEDDI – The Smart Alarm Clock

beddiI have had numerous alarm clocks but nothing like BEDDI, It’s ridiculously cool and super helpful, it’s like my own little alarm clock robot that will smartly connect to my phone.

When I tested out BEDDI the first thing I noticed is that as soon as I connected my phone, it automatically synced the time to BEDDI so I didn’t need to program the clock.

I can control each button on BEDDI directly from the app and I can also program what each button will do with one, two and three clicks.

BEDDI has a beautiful light up mood light, I can make BEDDI have one color or change colors, it’s really relaxing at night time, BEDDI will also tell me the weather when I ask!

BEDDI has lots of great features including a wake up light, FM Radio, App Controlled Alarm clock and more!

Click Here to learn more about the BEDDI and pick one up!

Disclosure: Some samples were provided, All products listed are what I personally recommend.