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Since my son was 3 years old, he’s wanted a smartphone. That sounds bad right?  But my own mom was the one who introduced him to smartphones – she would let him play little games on her phone and ever since then, he’s just gotten smarter when it comes to phones, computers, tablets and technology.  This is great, but it also worries me, because what is he looking at? What’s popping up? Is he downloading stuff that could potentially be adult-rated or some kind of virus? It’s scary to say the least and now my daughter loves phones and tablets too. So without getting her too into the more adult electronics, we’ve been trying out the VTech KidiBuzz™! It’s everything you need for younger kids to have their own device, and YOU the parent can control and view everything that they do.



Parental Controls

I’m sure you will all agree, parental controls are a MUST when allowing young kids to access the internet with any type of device that allows them to roam around a bit. We all want to know what our kids are doing and keep them safe!

The VTech KidiBuzz™ has a great set of parental controls, you can set time limits, control the apps your kids are allowed to use, add and remove content and you have very good control over which websites your kids can visit by only allowing them on sites that have been pre-screened by VTech or yourself. You can add and remove sites to your liking!


Rotating Camera

Are your kids budding photographers? I know my daughter loves to take lots of selfies on my phone and run outside with it to capture some of the flowers in our garden!  The KidiBuzz™ has a 180 degree rotating camera so your little one can take selfies, take videos, take photos of flowers or anything they can imagine!  

They can also send photos and videos to a parent approved contact list. Kids can also use the push to talk button and send quick voice messages.


Apps and Fun

The VTech KidiBuzz™ comes over 40 games and apps, my daughter’s favorite apps are the games but she loves to flick through the books on her KidiBuzz™ and lets me read and point things out to her!

Kids can explore games like science, mathematics, and more. It’s not just playtime, it’s fun and a great way for kids to learn some new skills!


Great For Travel

The VTech KidiBuzz™ is the perfect travel companion for long road trips. With all the games and apps that are installed, your kids will stay entertained for a few hours at least, all while being able to learn. I never go on road trips without something for my kids to do while they’re sitting in the car, so if you’ve got holiday travel or another trip coming up, it’s a must have! Note that the texting and web browsing features require WiFi, however.

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