Up until the ripe old age of 22, I had never used fabric conditioner, my mom still done my laundry, yes, I know pretty sad!  My bath towels were normally like sandpaper, I don’t think my mom had heard of fabric softener or conditioner, she certainly never used it, but I was thankful for having clean clothes at least!

When I got married to my husband at 24, I started to learn how to do laundry, he was in the military, I didn’t have much of a choice!  I had also just moved to the US and learned all these different things about doing laundry, growing up and how to adult.


When I turned 26, I had my first kid, I spent a fortune on clothing and most of it would shrink after one wash.  One of my friends mentioned that I should use fabric softener but my clothes still kept on shrinking, they were softer but that was about it.

Yesterday I tested out Downy Fabric Conditioner, it’s different from softener, it doesn’t just soften your clothes, it does a lot of other nifty things that your clothes need to stay in good shape, here are 5 great reasons why you need to try it!


Shrinking and Shape

We all know clothes shrink, but they not only shrink, they lose shape too and I have witnessed this happening many times to my kids clothes and some of my own. Downy Conditioner helps clothes bounce back to the way they were when you purchased them so your clothes will look great once again!

Color Fading

Downy also helps your clothes stay true to color and helps resist fading, we all have this problem, especially with colorful clothing, Downy will sort that out!

Towel Protection

That feeling when your bath towels get fuzzy, it’s not good, Downy also helps protect your towels, so when you jump out the shower, you will have a lovely soft un-fuzzy towel to wrap yourself up with.

Softened Fabrics

Not only does downy work in all the awesome ways above, it will soften your clothing too, so now you don’t have to worry about your clothes shrinking, color fading, towel fuzz and your laundry will be lovely and soft!

Amazing Scent and easy to pour

I just love the smell of fresh laundry and Downy fabric conditioner has one of those scents that just leave me wanting to sniff my clothes all day, come on, we’ve all done it at some point?  The fabric conditioner also pours out easily into the cap or your laundry machine without spills.


Yesterday when my Downy Fabric Conditioner arrived, I just had to test it out and get my husbands opinion.  First of all, out clothes smelled amazing, I noticed that my favorite summer shirt was soft and had gotten a little bit of it’s shape back from the last time I wore it, I didn’t notice this just by looking at it but when I tried it on, my shirt seemed to almost fit like it did when I first bought it.

I also washed a couple of towels, they didn’t have any fuzz to start with but they did come out smelling amazing and soft. I shop at Walmart maybe 3 or 4 times a week and I actually can’t believe I hadn’t picked up some Downy Fabric Conditioner before today, If I had known all of the benefits I would have been buying some at least every few weeks!


Here are some more facts about Downy Conditioner!

  • The science behind fabric protection: During a ride around the washing machine, garments pull stretch, and rub together. Downy conditions, strengthens, and lubricates each fiber to protect clothing from the friction, and agitation of typical washing cycle.
  • Take fabric protection a step further: In addition to the protection Downy fabric conditioner offers, turning garments inside out, and washing soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle will keep your clothes looking the best.
  • Perfect for the vintage pickup or future heirlooms: It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to protect that one-of-a-kind thrift-store find or maintain your favorite dress so you can one day pass it down to your daughter Downy extends the life of fabric by keeping your clothes looking and feeling like you just picked then up from the store.
  • Keep your clothes fresh longer: Downy Fabric Conditioner provides clothes with long-lasting freshness and reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone.

If you haven’t tried Downy Fabric Conditioner yet, then you need to!  You must!  It will totally change your perspective on Laundry in such a great way!

Pick Downy Fabric Softener up at Walmart and make your clothes look and feel amazing!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.