12 Web and Blog Designers get asked so many questions that are just so innaceptible, I thought I would list a few…  I sell blog designs, premade ones, I don’t do custom work anymore and I still get asked…

1. How do I..?

How do I use wordpress? How do I add a page?


I am here to design your website, I am not your personal google, you should be googling how to do this stuff, google is god.  If you really want to start a blog or website, learn how the basic fundamentals work first.

2. Can you do this for free?

 photo giphy_zps5001ec87.gifDo you work for free? DO YOU WORK FOR FREE? Because my life and time is less unimportant than yours why not?

3. Can I pay after my design is finished?

 photo giphy1_zps5e7a551f.gif
I get it, you work, then you get paid, but if you work in a grocery store can I take the food home, eat it then pay? Web Design takes a lot of work, it can easily be misused or stolen and it cannot be returned.

4. Can you make my site look exactly like [Insert site here] this one?

 photo giphy2_zps813929d3.gifIf you want your website shut down before it has even started, go ahead but I cannot be your partner in crime. Your website defines your brand, your personality and what it represents, copying is not an option and I will not jeopardize my business either.

5. Can you teach me how to change the fonts, logo and design myself?

 photo giphy3_zpsea3c44ab.gifOkay, Listen up, it took me about 3 years to learn how to design, I am constantly learning about code as it changes dramatically over time and I also have a life outside of work, remember, the Google is your best friend.