how to get rid of the fluIt’s been a LONG few couple of months here, two of my kids had viral infections, one had the Flu, my husband and I both caught the bug and I’ve made about 3 trips to to Urgent care in 2 months plus a ride in an ambulance with my 8 months old for a double ear infection (long story and the ambulance was NOT needed).  Since we have all had that dreaded winter bug I have found some things that will at least make having the cold more bearable.

Use a Humidifier

81704eab1b50efc37f89e98bb00ccdd62f8411daNot only will a humidifier keep moisture in the air, it will help little ones with runny noses and even you.  My 8 month old would wake up every morning with boogers covering his nostrils, so my husband came up with a great idea to use a humidifier.

We have been using the 1byone humidifier that I got a while ago to check out.  It’s very simple to use, fill it up, add it back to the base and turn it on.  It also has a slot for essential oils which are great for the cold and flu too.  It also has a slow color changing light which my kids love.  A humidifier is a must have for cold and flu season!