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My family and I recently took a road trip, the biggest one ever, all the way from Washington State to Florida.  It took us 3 and a half days to get there and the same amount of time to get home.  I love road trips, I really love them but when you are driving for even just 1 day with kids, you need to be prepared and when you are driving across country you need more than just a few essentials.


I have learned from experience and have some great tips to share if you are planning a trip across America or even just a 1 day drive to the unknown.

  1.  Wipe down your car windshield every 4 or 5 hours when you stop for gas.  I am sorry little bugs, we didn’t mean to hit you with our windshield and we must have gotten about 1,000 of you.  It’s important to wipe them off as much as possible, because if they stick too long it’s hard to scrub them off, I still have a few from our most recent trip.
  2. Bring bottled water.  When there are a few of you in the car it’s important to have a lot of water and stay hydrated.  When you have kids that seem to be constantly thirsty, a 24 pack of water will save you some hassle of having to stop!
  3. Don’t expect to get to your destination on time.  I looked up how long it would take to drive across country, it was around 40 hours, no problem, I can sleep when my husband drives and he can sleep when I drive.  Well that didn’t happen we were so uncomfortable and wasted so much time “trying” to sleep that it took us much longer.  Stop at a hotel and rest.
  4. Bring lots of baby wipes.  I still have cheesy finger marks from my kids snacking, lesson learned.
  5. Equip each and every member of your road trip with an Amazon Fire Tablet.  It will keep everyone entertained for hours.


My son is using Amazon Freetime, it is perfect for kids, you can manage their screen time, set parental controls, set achievements and your kids have large range of games, characters, videos and books to choose from! I love Amazon Freetime as it lets my kid have some freedom to explore but I can also have control of the content and amount of time he spends using it.


I don’t know how we did long road trips before having our Amazon Fire Tablets, there is just something for everyone and it beats boredom!

Here are some more great features of the Amazon Fire Tablet

On Deck

  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, On Deck automatically downloads Prime Video and the first episodes of Amazon Original Series while your device isn’t in use, ensuring that there is always something new to enjoy instantly, even when offline.
  • If you are not a Prime member, On Deck automatically downloads the first episode of Amazon Original Series.

Blue Shade

  • Blue Shade automatically adjusts the backlight of your device screen to remove blue light for a more comfortable nighttime reading experience, perfect for late night road trips or jetlag in your hotel room.

Word Runner

  • Is your child trying to become a faster reader? Word Runner is a fun new way to read faster. It keeps your eyes focused on the center of the page and brings each word right to where your eyes already are.
  • With dynamic pacing, Word Runner automatically slows down for difficult words, punctuation, and paragraph breaks. And when you first start reading, it gradually builds up to the speed you choose.

Apps & Games

  • Try out titles from top developers including Disney, Rovio Entertainment, Gameloft, Zeptolab, and Sega of America
  • With Learn First, you can block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met.
  • The Bed Time feature extends Amazon FreeTime’s existing Daily Time Limit controls to ensure kids aren’t staying up past their bedtimes.

You can also pick up a great cover for your Amazon Fire Tablet, that will hopefully protect it from scratches and sticky fingers!

The fire tablet has up to 7 hours of battery life and lets you download books, games, movies and more! You can also use a micro SD card for up to 128 GB of additional storage and keep everyone entertained for hours on end.

The Amazon Fire Tablet is a great value tablet and offers everything for each family member!