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I’ve been working with computers and in offices since my late teens, I’ve worked in large offices, small offices and my own office and the one thing I have learned throughout the years is that I work better when my office is clean and organized.  When my work space is cluttered, it makes me feel trapped and I can’t focus on the work I am doing without a million other things going through my mind.  It’s important that an office is free of clutter, just like any work environment, you want it to work out, you want it to be as stress free as possible and you want that serenity to think clearly and do your job as best as possible. Now that Spring has sprung upon me there is no better time to declutter my work space.


Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro, has some super great tips to organize your home so you can spend less time dealing with the mess, being stressed out and more time getting back to doing what you love!


It’s important to get into the FIRST habit. Get rid of all that paper, all those bills that you don’t need anymore, all of those misprints and all of the other paper clutter that piles up.  It can be never ending if you don’t stay on top off it! We have a filing cabinet for all of the important stuff, with labels, and we make sure to use it every day we are working.  Leftover paper and mail that we don’t need, we shred it, then we recycle it it.  I can stress enough how important it is to shred those documents with personal and sensitive information you don’t want anyone to get their hands on.  I got into a habit of doing this at the end of each day and I haven’t looked back! I use the Fellowes 12Cs cross-cut shredder that shreds up to 12 sheets of paper and has SafeSense® technology, it’s been a great choice for my home office, I can use it safely around my kids and pets.



Labels just make everything so much simpler, so much smoother and much more organized therefore reducing your stress levels so you can actually find what you are looking for!  Label your files logically in folders clearly marked by subject, there are lots of different patterns and colors to make labeling more fun and decorative whilst sprucing up your work area.  Adopt a simple naming convention for your electronic files that include the date, version number and name, subfolders also work great for dividing files into smaller groups and categorizing things by topic.


When you set routines, you waste a lot less energy thinking about minor tasks and you can take on the bigger things with that added stress of not having a set routine.  Setting out everything you need for the next day will help you plan things better and you will get a head start on all the important stuff.

Time Management

Time management is essential for a less stressful work flow.  Time yourself on tedious tasks like organizing the hallway closet and use a kitchen time for any tasks you dread!  Estimate how long the task will take, schedule an appointment with yourself on your work calendar and focus on that task in hand.  It’s important to take a break, you can’t work non-stop but allow yourself a certain amount of time to complete certain tasks. Time flies by when you are focused and the job will be less stressful and faster.



I don’t know what I would do without my Fellowes Shredder, it greatly helps me decrease the clutter in my office! With just the click of a button I can turn the shredder on and off, it shreds paper super fast and has a large area built in that catches the shredded paper.  So when it gets full I can just empty it directly into the recycle, easy peasy!

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