I recently got a chance to try out the 6 Day Heavenly Body Cleanse by Aster Elliott and I was super excited to get started! I am going to be 30 this year (horrible and scary!) and I want to look my best as I feel like that is the end, no getting younger, it completely scares me but I have to accept it!  So I am trying out a lot of new ways to stay fit, healthy and cleanse out my system.

What is the 6 Day Heavenly Body Cleanse?

This isn’t like a regular diet or detox, it is so much more than that!  Not only will this package cleanse your body, if you follow it correctly it will cleanse your mind and soul too!  You will be left with glowing skin and a whole better outlook on life!

What is Included?

There are lots of things included in this package including the heavenly meal replacement which is vegan, raw, organic and gluten-free! Dietary suplements, angel bars, room spray, salt and more is included!

How Does it Work?

Before you start the cleanse, make sure you house is clean and use the spray that is included to spray your house and any corners that may not get cleaned out a lot.  Once you have that done, get up, have a shower and cleanse your body with rhe salt that is included with the package.  Start your morning off with one of the nutritional shakes included, there is a really easy to follow meal plan in the package that explains the foods you should eat and the ones that you aren’t supposed to eat.

Turkey, Veggies, Wraps, Salads and quite a few other food products are on the “allowed” list!

You also receive supplements that will help aid in your detox, take these before meals.

Angel Bars are amazing, like mint and chocolate, you can snack on these when the mood hits you.

Did I lose Weight?

I lost about 5 pounds throughout the whole 6 days of using this  plan.  Remember this is more about cleansing, weight loss will probably happen but if you want to keep the weight off then I recommend sticking to a similar diet once the 6 days is up if you wish to continue losing weight and cleansing your system. Since then I have gained back a few pounds but that’s because I went back to my regular diet and I probably would have lost more weight but I cheated one day and ate olive garden (Yes I’m bad).

How did I feel afterwards?

The first day on the shakes and other food items that were allowed was hard for me to get used to, not because I was hungry but just because I wanted something else!  After the first day it got easier and the angel bar snacks definitely kick the chocolate cravings!

Day 4 was the day I cheated and ate olive garden and to be honest I didn’t each much, I couldn’t I felt full really quickly!

By day 6 I actually felt “light” not in a bad way but I had a lot less things going through my mind, I could focus more and my overall body felt much healthier.

Would I recommend this?

If you are looking to feel better about your health, your appearance and your overall lifestyle I 100% recommend the 6 Day Cleanse Program.  If you are looking for some quick weight loss, a few pounds for a wedding or a vacation I would reccomend this too, just remember and stick to the healthy eating diet once the 6 days are up!


Aster Elliot has quite a few programs to choose from, this was the one I was lucky enough to try out and I love it! Click Here to shop!

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