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I rarely go out with my girls, once every couple of months usually, having kids has kind of affected my social life! So, when I plan for a good night out with my girlies, I want to be prepared and there a few essentials that I need besides the normal things like heels and a nice dress!


I always go clothes shopping a few days before my night out, but for this night out I needed a whole new outfit, three sizes smaller since I have been eating healthier and hitting the gym hard the last couple of months. I try not to go overboard when I get ready for a night out but there are a few things that I need so I feel and look amazing!

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I drink a ton of water  on a daily basis but I also make sure to drink a little more before my night out starts, it keeps me feeling more hydrated, healthier and ready to party!


I will never go on a night out without my lipstick, it’s always in my handbag and when it wipes off I can just apply it again, My lips are pretty boring and my lip gloss brightens them up!


I never go on a night out without a pretty statement necklace, it always adds to the outfit and makes me feel a bit more glamorous!



My eyelashes suck without mascara, they aren’t long but they aren’t that short either, they lack curl and mascara gives me the confidence boost I like to have, I always like to have my mascara with me.

Prepaid Debit Card

I tend to spend way too much money on nights out, a prepaid debit card helps me not go overboard, it’s pretty mandatory for me everytime I go on a night out.


Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense

We all need a good immune system to survive a fun night out, especially if there are bars and alcohol involved! Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense offers the maximum immune system support, It’s so important for me to stay on top of my immune system!

It’s a triple action dietary supplement with 2.5 billion live active cultures of Lactobacillus GG, 500mg of EpiCor, 20mg of Vitamin C and 3mg of Zinc to activate your body’s natural defenses and help give you your immune system extra protection.

I like to know what is in the supplements that I take and with Culturelle Advanced Immune Defense, it uses the most clinically proven ingredients for immune support to help better defend your defenses and help protect your immune system.

Prepare for your next Girl Night Out!

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