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It’s fall and there is no better time to clean, get the house in shape, get all that laundry done and shape up the home for winter!  I was sent a big box of cleaning products from BabbleBoxx to try out and these couldn’t have come at a better!  I love to get my home in ship shape during fall as the weather isn’t too hot and it’s not too cold to work outside!  The products I want to introduce you to make the perfect cleaning accessories for winter, cleaning and prepping your home for the cold!

Duck® Brand Roll-On® Window Kits

My windows are SUPER old, we just bought our own home a few years ago and we still need to upgrade so much, sadly new windows are on our to do list anytime soon. Since our windows are old, it gets SO cold in the winter, even with the heat on, especially when it’s windy so I was super excited to try out Duck Brand Roll-On Window Kits!

It’s super easy to install and comes with a pre taped edge for a simple roll on application that requires no measuring and it will fit snuggly into your indoor window frame. Since it helps insulate your windows, it should also save you a little money on your gas or electric bill! I loved how easy it was to install and I’m hoping there will be less drafts this winter!  When you have your window kit fitted correctly to your window, just finish it off with a hairdryer so the plastic shrinks nicely to your window.

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Sponge Daddy – Sponge Caddy and Scour Daddy

Aren’t these little sponges just the CUTEST?  I like to feel happy when I’m cleaning and they are so much cuter and colorful than you’re regular scouring pads.  Not only are they super cute, you can also pick up a Sponge Caddy to keep them secure.  My scouring pads usually end up in the skin covered in garbage so this is a perfect solution and it easily sticks on the wall! You can also wash the sponge caddy, it’s dishwasher safe!

Scour Daddy has no odor and you can use it as much as you like, it will maintain it’s shape! It has a little loop for storage if you need to dry it or hang it up and you can have multiple colors for organization purposes!

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Molly’s Suds – All Sport Laundry Wash and Oxygen Whitener

When it comes to trying out products that are Cruelty Free, I am all about that! I like my products scented and naturally scented scented is even better! Molly’s Suds Laundry Products are formulated with a “no compromise” attitude and they only use the purest of ingredients. Their products and suppliers meet stringent guidelines which allow them to be Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny and even better, their ingredients are Certified Vegan!

Molly’s Suds All Sport Laundry Wash is slowly becoming one of my favorite products to wash my clothes with, my kids get dry skin with regular laundry soap and so far we have had an amazing experience with Molly’s Suds and it smells good too! The whitener has worked great for freshening up some of our Tees and making them look wearable again!

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O-Cedar: ProMist Max Spray Mop

I can never, ever have enough mops, our house is all laminate flooring so I always have some area of the floor that needs a good spray mop! I love the O-Cedar Mop, it’s super easy to navigate with and it’s double sided, the head flips 180 degrees.  You can wash the microfiber mop head up to 100 times which is a lot!

I love a mop that cleans my floor quickly and efficiently, this is the ideal mop for my home and the large amount of laminate flooring we have to cover!  The fact that I can wash the mop head so many times makes it super convenient!

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PowerOE Odor Eliminating All Purpose Cleanser and Odor Eliminator Spray

I love an all purpose cleaner, I go through those things like crazy and don’t we all need odor eliminator with kids and pets running around! The All Purpose Cleanser is a great alternative to bleach, it’s powered by Thymol, Natures Defender and it’s free from any harsh chemicals or solvents.

The odor eliminating spray works pretty much immediately, I tested it out for myself in the dogs room where it sleeps, odors went down a lot and I could really smell the Odor Eliminator working!  You can spray it in lockers, garbage cans, pet areas, bathrooms, you name it and you can also use it on clothes! It’s dye free and available in scents that use natural essential oils which I absolutely love or if you prefer, fragrance free!

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Grout Gator

My husband is the guy who always does the grout cleaning and he was really excited to see this! It cleans from 2 to 8 grout tiles at once and the adjustable brush head makes it easy to fit different sized tiles from 2″ to 12″ inches. The brush heads can always be replaced if you need new ones!  Grout Gator makes cleaning faster and much more efficient and it’s the perfect accessory for your fall cleaning collection!

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