The Roaming Reindeer is a fun and exciting Christmas activity kit that includes a hardcover story book and two cute little reindeer plush toys!


Gus and Sam are two of Santa’s reindeer’s.  They decide to visit girls and boys to help Santa see who’s being naughty or nice.  Sam gets sad whenever he sees a child who is naughty and ends up telling Santa.  Gus sticks around to keep watch.


When they realize that there isn’t enough time to visit all of the children before Christmas, they call on their friends for help.  They send their friends off in pairs of two, and assign each pair to a home. Reindeer 1 will disappear to tell Santa any time someone has been naughty. Reindeer 2 will always stick around to keep watch.

On Christmas Eve, the reindeer disappear to help Santa deliver the gifts.  They will return again next year during the Christmas season!


Roaming Reindeer is absolutely adorable, it’s a great way to teach kids about team work, helping each other out and making sure they aren’t naughty before Christmas!  It’s suggested to give your child a treat if the two reindeer’s can stay together for 5 days without being separated which I think is a wonderful idea!

We have never done the elf on the shelf thing and now that we have both of the little reindeer’s with a story to tell, I don’t think we will need an elf!  Dylan loved the story and so far he has managed to keep the reindeer’s together for 3 days!

Christmas for us is all about the magic, story telling, games and family time and I think this will make a wonderful gift for any family!


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