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Have you ever had a moment where you’ve run out of a household essential and everything has just went downhill from there? I used to have lots of those moments, mainly because I was unprepared and didn’t have my essentials on hand.

Want to hear a funny story?  Last year when my family came to visit from Scotland I thought I had everything I needed, the house was clean, the kitchen was spotless, but guess what? It was 11pm and their flight arrived, then when we got back home to my house they all went to use the restroom, we have 3 restrooms and only one of those had toilet paper with about 3 sheets left.  So when my grandfather used the upstairs toilet, everything was fine, my cousin used the downstairs one and had nothing to wipe with, not good!

So I checked where we usually keep our spare toilet paper and guess what? I had nothing, I hadn’t stocked up on toilet paper, I didn’t even have a spare kitchen roll to use.  So as silly as this sounds, my cousin was stuck on the toilet, I drove to 3 gas stations to try and find toilet paper, when I found one I realized I forgot my wallet so I had to drive all the way back home.  By that time, my cousins boyfriend had found some tissues in her bag and she was out of the restroom, needless to say it was a heck of a night!


Avoid those Oops Moments!

If you are tired of Oops Moments and don’t want any issues like I used to experience on a regular basis, makes shopping easy and they will deliver everything you need straight to your door!

59ff27e3-ba7c-4f54-ba93-b38c4906a9b3 has everything you need for your home and will help you avoid Oops Moments! Some of the things I always like to never run out of include Diapers, Toilet Roll and Razors, those can all be ordered from and every other household essential you need!


You can even see if your delivery has shipped right from your dashboard on! My first couple of items arrived early so I thought I would show them off!



I always like to have my Charmin Ultra Soft handy and the rolls last use for at least 2 or 3 weeks! I always steal my husbands razors and he get pretty mad, so this time I picked up Some Gillette Venus razors, my friend uses these and tells me they work great so I figured why not try them out!

Since I owe my husband razors I also picked up a Gillette Proglide Flexball Holiday Pack which also includes some shaving cream, now he can’t complain that he has no razors left, only the best for him!

And of course, my favorite diapers ever Luvs!  You don’t ever want to run out of diapers, that’s a big No No and a mess just waiting to happen! has it all and you can easily shop through each of the following categories:

Visit for your everyday essential and never have an Oops moment again!