As a graphic and web designer, I get asked on a daily basis if I can change the color or style of certain elements.  Most online companies only give you very little options when it comes customizing design elements to suit your needs.

If you are planning a baby shower, wedding or any other type of event it’s always important to have a matching color scheme and that includes invitations and all the other necessities.  Usually you will find invites that you love but the color doesn’t work with your event and that can cause problems!


Basic Invite has some of the most beautiful invitations, announcements and printables available online! You are probably wondering what is unique about Basic Invite and what sets them apart from other companies, well you can customize any invite with a huge color variety and large variety of fonts.





I customized an invite just to give an example but you can pretty much change every single element to suit your needs, the customization options are so easy to use and you will have the perfect invite in no time, you can preview it instantly.

You can also share it with your friends and get a second opinion!

Custom Samples

It’s always a bit nerve wracking ordering a print online and not being able to see it printed out beforehand, you don’t want 500 of something that you end up not liking.  Basic Invite gives you the ability to order a printed sample so you can see the quality of the print before committing to the full order! It’s only one of a few websites that let you do this and I think it’s so great that you have that option!


Basic Invite uses luxe 120lb matte card stock but they have a variety of options to choose from like shimmer, semi-gloss and other options to suit your needs!


Basic Invite also has over 40 different colors of envelopes for you to choose from, you will have no problem matching you invites to a pretty colored envelope, everything will look perfect for you.


Basic Invite has a range of Invites to choose from including:



If you are looking for invites for pretty much any type of event Basic Invite is the place to shop!  Click Here to check them out!