carrie_underwoodBeauty can be a term thrown around lightly, some people see beauty as wearing make up every day.  Others see beauty as being natural. Teen girls and young women can often be influenced by the media, by their peers and at the job they work at to look good, pretty and wear make up every day.  Other people feel that they need to wear a huge amount of make up just to fit in with society.

What people forget is that beauty comes from the inside and shines through to the outside.   Everyone should be comfortable with the choices they make and how they want to look, whether that is wearing make up or not.


Personally, I like to wear make up every day.  I believe looking and feeling beautiful is the way you choose to look and what makes your feel comfortable. Not everyone has a great amount of confidence in the way they look and they find make up to be a great way to feel better about their appearance.  I don’t have perfect skin, therefore I like to wear foundation because it makes me feel more confident.


The first photo shown above was my no make up selfie, to be honest I didn’t feel comfortable in this one but it stood for a good cause and that was beautiful.  The second photo is my every day look, a little make up which I feel comfortable in, I have 2 kids, a job, a blog and I don’t have as much time as I would like to make myself look like photo number 3.

Beauty to me is feeling comfortable in your own skin, wearing make up if you choose to do so and feeling beautiful from the inside out.  Each and everyone of us are beautiful in our own way and if you are comfortable with the way you look and feel then your beauty will shine throughout.

Carrie Underwood feels better when she has a little make up on, when she has her hair styled and she believes that beauty does not have to complicated!

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What does Beauty mean to you?

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