This post was sponsored by Sensodyne® as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. Sensodyne® compensated me in connection with statements made in this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


Let’s talk about beauty sacrifices, you know what I am talking about right? The lengths we go through to make ourselves look good, to feel comfortable in our every day lives and to feel confident.  We all have different things that make us feel great, for some it might be a spray tan that leaves you not being able to shower for a day and for others it might be a super expensive make up product that almost breaks the bank every payday and runs out quickly.  We sacrifice things to make ourselves look good and the way we want to look but not everything needs to be a sacrifice.  I have always taken great care of my teeth but they aren’t perfect and they are all super sensitive. I can’t bite into ice cream, if I do it feels like metal is running through my mouth right into my head and it’s super painful.  When the cold weather comes around my teeth hurt when I am outside if I open my mouth, it literally hurts to breathe in sometimes because of my sensitive teeth.


Up until a few years ago, I always thought that toothpaste made for sensitive teeth meant that it wouldn’t hurt your teeth or cause sensitivity whilst brushing, I never took the time to read the label and see what it actually means.  On a trip to the dentist a couple of years back, my dentist recommended Sensodyne® and explained how it actually works. I have been a Sensodyne® user ever since.


After using Sensodyne® True White® for a while, my teeth no longer hurt when I am outside, it’s cold right now and I am not in any pain from the cold air going in my mouth. So far and I haven’t had to compromise anything.


Did you Know?

According to a survey by the makers of Sensodyne® True White®, more than 1/3 of women who experience sensitivity say they will do whatever it takes to have whiter teeth.

Sensodyne® True White® has a mild minty flavor that isn’t too strong, it actually makes me enjoy brushing my teeth and freshening up. With twice daily brushing, Sensodyne® True White® provides sensitivity relief and helps whiten your teeth. Sensodyne® True White® is 10x less abrasive than many leading whitening toothpastes*, providing gentle stain removal and active stain protection.

*Based on Relative Dentin Abrasivity testing against 15 products in the top 80% of the whitening toothpaste market.


Overall my experience using Sensodyne® True White® has been extremely positive and it’s something I will be continuing to use in my daily routine. Now, you can turn to Sensodyne® True White® for a whiter smile and sensitivity relief, without the compromise.

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