This mineral-rich kaolin clay based mask works deep down to draw out impurities, soothe, balance skin and smooth away spots so that you can stop freaking out about breaking out!

Here’s the deal on why this skin smoothie is a saviour for spotty/acne prone skin: Cleanses deeply Draws out impurities Helps the healing process Refines and tightens pores Skin Smoothie will work to get your skin back to normal, leaving it smooth and flawless.

My Review

First of all this has a really nice scent.  It’s thick and creamy, the Kaolin clay tends to hurt my skin sometimes when too much is used, but this has just the right amount and I haven’t had any problems with it!  It helps clear up spots pretty fast, I usually leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes until I can feel it working then wash it off.

I only use this once or twice a week for great results.