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Growing up, my favorite thing to do was ride my bike to the park, I had such an imaginative imagination and I was full of energy that had to be unleashed!  I would meet up with my two best friends and we would cycle for about 3 miles to our favorite place to play.  Our days, especially in summer were filled with swings, roundabouts, climbing frames and everything that kept us active.  That was in the 90’s and sometimes I wish I could go back for a week before everything turned into technology. This is why I take my own children to the park as much as possible, they are also filled with energy and their favorite park  is just around the corner from our home, it’s designed by Landscape Structures and has lots of ways my children can burn off energy and have some creative playtime.



Benefits of Outdoor Play

There are so many benefits of playing outdoors and it’s so important for children to reap those benefits as often as possible!

  • Problem Solving – Parks are filled with problem solving objects, even a roundabout is good for problem solving, think, how do I push this faster? How fast can this go? Swings are great for problem solving, how do I go higher? How often should I kick my legs?  Then there are the problem solving toys attached to the equipment, parks are so creative and encourage kids to problem solve however they decide to play!
  • Fresh Air – We all need to breathe in that fresh air, what better way to do it than running around and playing at the park?
  • Exercise – Kids get so much exercise at the park, mine do anyway, they don’t stop unless it’s to get a drink.  My kids have so much energy that when they are stuck in the house, it drives them crazy and drives me insane.  Our local park is the best way for them to burn off energy and get lots of exercise.
  • Family Time and Relaxation – The park is a fantastic way for us to spend time together as a family, not only do my kids love the park but when it’s empty my husband and I get to have a ride on the roundabout and swings too (we are big kids).  It’s also good if you need some mom time, you can have a seat and watch your kids play!



Children are our future and it’s so important that they devvelop creative play skills, expand their imaginations, work together, learn, problem solve and socialize with other kids! Lanscape Structures playgrounds are so beneficial for all those needs and more for children of all ages and abilities.Check out this heartwarming video by global playground manufacturer Landscape Structures, which celebrates the promise of our future as kids play and develop skills that shape them as adults on playgrounds.  It shows just how magical playing outside and developing those much needed skills benefits so many children!

For A Better Tomorrow, We Play Today

Landscape Structures is partnered with University of Minnesota’s Institute of Childhood Development to research how play helps develop the whole child by creating leaders, encouraging collaboration, and teaching about the values of persistence and problem solving.


My children have the most magical time at their local park!  Click Here to find a Landscape Structure playground close to you!

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