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It’s almost soccer season, who’s ready? My 5 year old son Dylan started learning soccer last year but the season was almost over so he didn’t get too far and it snowed like crazy here over the Winter so that wasn’t much help either!

Last year when Dylan started to learn soccer, he got about as far as kicking the ball and learning how to kick it to other people so he is still pretty much a beginner but he loves sports and they certainly help burn up some of the unlimited amount of energy that he seems to have.  It’s been in the 70’s the last few weeks and we have been testing out a new product called sockit!

Sockit is a fun and rewarding way to learn more soccer, when you kick the ball correctly, sockit lights up and gives you instant feedback.  It’s kinda like your own personal soccer coach and your child can practice in their own garden!


I am no expert at soccer so my son was super excited when he learned about sockit, it’s really easy to use, just put your soccer cleats on as you normally would, make sure the laces are tied and secure then attach sockit in the two slide slots on the top and bottom of the cleat with your two thumbs.

Once the sockit is in place, your little one can start kicking the ball and with every correct kick, sockit will light up!  It’s not only a great trainer but it’s very rewarding!  Every time it lights up it’s like a little reward for kicking the ball correctly and I think this makes playing and learning soccer all the more fun and gives kids a big sense of accomplishment.


This is basically a soccer kick trainer and is a great way for kids to learn to kick a ball more accurately.  It is made from industrial strength thermal plastic rubber and it’s design to withstand shock, impact and all the other types of extreme conditions that go on when playing soccer!

There are 6 LED lights and the battery can easily be replaced if it runs out.  My son doesn’t have proper soccer shoes yet so I just place sockit around his regular running shoes and it still seemed to work just fine.  What I love most about sockit is that even though my son doesn’t start back at soccer training for another couple of months, he can still learn when he is kicking the ball correctly, now he actually knows and he gets super excited when it lights up!

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Do you have a little one who loves playing soccer? A budding athlete? I can’t say enough great things about Sockit, it’s a coach, goal setter and reward all in one.

The Sockit comes in four different colors so there is plenty to choose from!

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