I recently received some sample products from Body Time to try out, I really had no expectations, I had never tried out their product line before so everything included was a surprise and I have to say I love their gorgeous line of products!

logo (1)About Body Time

Body Time started up in California in 1970 as the original Body Shop!  The products were displayed in simple plastic biodegradable bottles with handwritten labels.  In 1992 they sold their name “The Body Shop” to the London based skincare company and renamed their company Body Time!  Body Time is locally owned and family run, they have a variety of face, body and hair products including perfume oils.  Products are for both genders but they do have a men’s line that caters to some of the skincare needs for men.  You can purchase products from any of their stores or online!

The Products


Aloe Vera Freshener

I really like this freshener, it does a good job especially in the hot summer weather and certainly freshened my face up as well as cool it down!

The Aloe Vera Freshener is a mild, mild, non-alcohol astringent and works especially good on dry and sensitive skin. You can also use it after cleansing to remove any excess cleanser and tighten up your pores!  It works as a good soothing aftershave splash for men and also cools and relieves skin from irritation, especially after sun exposure.  Some of the ingredients are witch hazel, purified water, aloe vera gel, grapefruit seed extract, citric acid and papaya extract!


Unscented Cream Cleanser

This is definitely unscented and works great!  The natural smell reminds me of baby lotion, it’s really mild and leaves your face feeling fresh and cleansed!

The cleanser is recommended for all skin types and is also recommended to treat rosacea!  It’s light, creamy and vegetable oil based, it rinses off gently and removes skin impurities including bcteria, polutants and excess makeup and oil.  It also works well on the delicate eye area and is naturally preserved with a non-animal sourced glycine derivative and an extract of Japanese honeysuckle.  This can also be used as a shaving cream and on children, it contains no artificial colors or scents and doesn’t sting your eyes!


Orange Rosemary Hand & Foot Cream

Smells like orange!  I couldn’t quite get the rosemary smell but orange is just fine by me, it left my skin feel soft and smooth!  My feet get rough in the summer and this definitely softened up the soles of my feet!

This is an intensive treatment with protective and nourishing botanical that help stimulate circulation, deeply moisturize and soothe foot problems, even the most stubborn ones.  It also helps calloused heels and puffy and swollen feet!  It contains  propolis, a natural agent that protects beehives from damage caused by fungus and bacteria, helps prevent infection on dry hands and feet.   Energizing essential oils of rosemary, blood orange and sweet orange are used!


Otuke Shea Butter

Who doesn’t love Shea Butter!  This made my skin feel amazing, moist, soft and radiant.  It’s probably one of the most natural produced shea butter products that I have had the pleasure of using!

This is a great skin protectant that can also be used on babies, it’s gentle, helps heal skin and is safe to use on sensitive areas of the body.  There are so many ways to use this including treatment of dermatitis, dry scalp, eczema, dry-skin redness, chapping and much more, it’s also great during pregnancy!


Chamomile Lavender Moisturizing Face Cream

You know that calming smell you get from drinking chamomile tea? Imagine how calm you feel with it on your face!  This works wonders at leaving your skin moist, soothed and fresh, the smell is wonderful!

This works great on dry or damaged skin with it’s gentle fragrant, nutrient rich, creamy botanical ingredients!  It contains aromatherapy essential oils, Roman chamomile and even squalane from Spanish olives. This face cream helps ease puffiness, soothe skin and stimulate cell regeneration. 


Samphire anti-puff eye cream

This worked well when I used it in the morning after wakening up, I saw a big difference on my eyes throughout the day, it’s also extremely moisturizing!

This protects, restores and calms your your eyes, it contains salve-like sapphireand other botanical ingredients which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, stimulate cell renewal, improve elasticity and more!


Gotu Kola Soothing Eye & Face Gel

This has a really nice floral scent, it almost reminds me of being at the spa in one of those scented relaxation rooms!  I used this about a week ago after a day out when my face was red from the sun, it helped soothe and cool the redness down!

This is a water-like gel and is infused with vitamins A, C & E.  It can help extract yeast which improves facial lines, restore elasticity, soothe tired eyes and much more!  It also contains rose essential oil and Japanese honeysuckle extract!


Aloe Vera Shaving Gel

This is really soothing on your skin, I usually use Aloe Vera after shaving my legs, so using it whilst shaving my legs definitely left them feeling less irritated!

When this is rubbed into the skin, it holds the whiskers up for razors as it becomes thicker.  It soothes the skin and the lubricating action helps your razor glide over the skin a lot more smoothly than regular shaving foam.  It contains a mild coconut oil derived cleanser, moisturizing lanolin and is extremely concentrated with no synthetic ingredients added.

China Rain Vitamins A,D,E Moisturizer

This smells amazing!  It has a gorgeous floral scent, it’s not a thick moisturizer, it blends in easily with my skin and leaves it feeling lush!

This moisturizer creates a rich, long lasting moisture all over your skin, it’s scented with china rain perfume oil and has a clean, fresh, floral aroma.  This lotion works great on dry and flaky skin, leaving it moist and refreshed.  It works best after a long day of sun exposure and on chapped hands!


White Tea Perfume Oil

I love all of these scents, they all smell amazing, I wish I could put the scent on the internet just to let everyone smell them!  The White Tea Perfume Oil has a really strong floral scent, it’s gorgeous and reminds me of high end perfumes.

Gardenia Perfume Oil

This has a gorgeous floral scent with sweet undertones, I don’t find the floral scent extremely overpowering, it’s more of a mild, sweet smelling perfume, perfect for summer.

China Rain Perfume Oil

This has a gorgeous floral scent too, with a slight musky smell, it’s absolutely lush!

Green Fig Perfume Oil

It’s hard to choose a favorite when all the perfumes smell amazing, but this is it! I don’t believe I’ve even smelled a green fig before, it reminds me of a perfumed coconut, if that makes sense?  It’s so light, fresh and leaves your skin smelling wonderful!


Montana Clay Mud Mask

Oh this is great!  I left this on for about 15 minutes and my face looked instantly brighter, felt so much fresher and cleansed!

This is an exfoliating mud mask that works against most causes of oily imbalanced skin. The mineral rich clay penetrates deeply to inhibit bacteria growth, reduce inflamation, scar and much more.  It helps heal your skin of blemishes and imperfections!


Combava Exfoliating Cleanser with Jojoba Beads

I love all in one exfoliates and cleansers and this does the job!  It’s not rough on your skin, it’s gentle and smells like oranges!

The jojoba wax beads exfoliate surface layer dead skin cells and plant phospholipids penetrate deeply into your skin to remove dirt filled pores and oil!

My Thoughts

This is the first time I have ever tried Body Time products and I am so impressed with the quality, the scents (especially the perfume oils) and the way each product makes my skin feel!  If you are looking for gorgeous skincare products and skncare products, this is one luscious brand!  I think the name Body Time fits well too, these are definitely luxurious skin pampering products!

If you would like to learn more about Body Time or purchase any of their products Click Here!

I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commisions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.