My son loves playing in the bath, any toy that floats and he can be creative with makes bath time all the more fun!  Boon Bath Toys are extremely well made, they are of the highest quality and are some of the cutest modern bath toys I have seen!

I was sent a collection of their 5 newest products to try out..

The first thing I noticed about each toy was the packaging, I believe packaging represents more than just what is inside, it shows how much thought and creativity is put into each product and design, the first overall impression is everything and Boon is super impressive!

Odd Ducks – Not your Average Rubber Ducky

IMG_0657There is one thing that I dislike about rubber ducks, the water and dirt gets stuck inside them, especially the squeezy ones and they need to be replaced all the time!

Boon has pretty much solved that problem for me!  These ducks do not hold water, which will prevent them going black with mold and we all know how much kids like to try and suck out the water, not with these! These little cute duckies are named Slim, Bob, Jane and Squish, they are all different shapes and sizes and PVC free!


I also wanted to show how pretty the bottom of the duck is too, bright colors and well made, perfect for kids and great for color stimulation!

You can purchase these on Amazon or buybuyBABY!

FLEET Stacking Boats

IMG_0692I love how these boats stack inside each other, it’s fun for my Dylan, he loves boats and it makes them easy for me to store and put away once bath time is over!


These boats are colorful and have wide necks for scooping and drain holes for a super cool rain effect!

You can purchase these on Amazon or buybuyBABY!

LINKS 3D Foam Bath Pieces


These are really cool!  You can make little fish shapes and other things, you can also stack them together which Dylan likes doing and make some cool kind of super creation!


Overall there are 5 different 3D animals you can build, they do not absorb water and you can also stick them to the bathroom wall!  They are also BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free!

These are great for stimulation and exploring interactive play!

You can purchase these on Amazon or buybuyBABY!

PIECES Foam Bath Puzzle


This is a fun puzzle that uses unique foam pieces and encourages interactive play!  It floats great in the bath and also doesn’t absorb water. This is also BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free!


The puzzle also sticks to the bath and walls which I think is the most fun part!

You can purchase these on Amazon or buybuyBABY!

RAY Drain Cover


This looks like a stingray and can work as a plug forming suction over your drain, it can also work as a protective cover over an existing drain!  Dylan likes to play with this in the bath and that is what we mainly use it for but it also works great as a plug!

You can purchase this at buybuyBABY!

The Fun..

IMG_0662 IMG_0689

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the quality, the colors, the shapes and everything Boon has to offer!  Dylan had so much fun trying out his new bath toys and I know they will last a long time!

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Disclosure: I was sent products for the purpose of a review, regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.