Disclosure: Candy Germany kindly sent me a box to review, regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.

Website – www.candygerman.com / Price – €29 Euros Month (Approximately $40)Shipping – Free


Candy German is a monthly subscription box service that will deliver delicious German candy right to your door each month! Germany has some of the best candy and chocolate I believe, just like Scotland, there candy is very similar and I miss British candy SO much!

When I first opened the box I had no idea there would be so much chocolate and candy!  Candy German literally made my day!

The Goodies

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Kinder Happy Hippo Chocolates

These are SO good, they have a light crispy outer coating with chocolate and little crispy bits on the outside.  On the inside there is this yummy milk and white gooey chocolate that is absolutely delicious!  I have tried a lot of kinder products, they sell lots of them in Scotland but I have never tried these before and they rock!

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Flying Saucers

The only reason I know what these are called is because they sell them in Scotland too.  I used to eat these when I was a kid and haven’t tried them for years, I was excited to see these in the box!  They are in the shape of little flying saucers and have a sort of rice paper coating with a sherbet powder stuff inside, great for feeding your kids before they visit Grandma!


Prinzen Rolle Minis

I have tried these before too.  They are little chocolate biscuits with a crunchy outside and creamy milk chocolate center, SO good, especially with afternoon tea!


Haribo Pasta Flagga

I have tried something similar to these before but not the same ones!  They are cute little fruit ships with the German flag color, coated in sugar and have a slightly sour and sweet taste!


Mimm 2 Lolly

Now these are a brand I have never heard of, I tried out the orange and lemon before giving it to Dylan and they are really fruity!


Leibniz Pick Up! Choco & Caramel 

These are little chocolate biscuits filled with chocolate and gooey caramel, totally loved these with my coffee and the fact that 5 were included, even better!


Fritt mit Vitamin C

These are little lemon fruit strips, I will be saving these for when Dylan goes back to preschool!


Haribo Gummy Bears

Another good snack for Dylan!  He loves gummys!

20140710_141739_zpsywgqdjh1Kola Milch

I have tried something like these before except they were pandas and had a milk chocolate inside theme, these ones have white chocolate and are yummy!  There is also a little spinning toy thing included which Dylan was straight into!

My Thoughts

I rarely ever like everything inside a candy or food box, Candy German hit the nail on the head, everything in this box was big hit and I love everything included!

Candy German is definitely a good deal, I mean who doesn’t love a box filled with chocolate, cookies, candy and snacks?  The fact that there chocolate is just like the British stuff made the box even better!

If you would like to sign up for Candy German Click Here!