Candy German is a monthly box of awesome German Candies, they handpick an assortment of high quality German candies and pack them up with care each month.

The Cost – 29  Euros Per month or less with a longer subscription, shipping is free!


The Goodies


Haribo Fan Edition Gummies

The gummy bear mix by and for fans. Because at the Haribo Gold Bears in the fan edition of the name is program. For a short time, there is the classic in the following flavors: cherry, grapefruit, melon, Woodruff, apricot and blueberry.

I haven’t tried these yet, I just gave some to my kids, they seemed to love them so that’s always a good thing.


Efrischungsstabchen Chocolate Sticks

The famous Erfrischungssticks (refreshment sticks), with an unmistakable lemon-orange flavoured filling, have been a particularly popular product for decades, especially in the summer months. Fans of  Erfrischungssticks particularly love the typical fruity liquid filling in an orange-lemon flavour, coated in crispy, crunchy chocolate.


Cola Lemon Flavor Lollies

There are fourteen individually wrapped lollies in the bag. As it is stated on the bag, they are caffeine free, so you can give them to your kids without concerns!


Milka Crispello

Milka Crispello’s are luscious treats for the chocolate lover in your life! Each individually-wrapped piece is made of a crispy wafer shell that holds creamy vanilla pudding filling. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s covered in Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate!

These were my favorite treat in this months box!  They remind me of chocolates I used to get in Spain and they are pretty darn delicious!


Chocolate Eggs with Coconut

When I first saw these I figured they might have a praline center, but it’s filled with coconut, my nanny who is living with us right now loves coconut so I passed these along to her!


Milka Matzipan Creme

I have had this chocolate before but not marzipan flavor, I have never been a big fan of marzipan, it’s kind of like wedding cake in my opinion so I gave this to my husband to test out!


Happy Cake

I was really excited when I saw this!  I am pretty sure this has been around since I was a kid, I used to live in Scotland and they had something like this, it has soft texture that is a little crumbly and has cream inside, really good!

This was a really fun month for Candy German, I enjoyed checking out all of the new snacks included in the box.  What do you think of Candy German? Click Here to Subscribe!

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes, no other compensation was received.