Mom’s tend to sacrifice material luxuries; function and practicality supersede personal wants and desires as a parent. While moms and dads should focus on personal well-being and happiness, inherent matriarchal duties place the nuclear family’s needs first. Whether carting children to soccer games, school, or going on a rare date-night, a Mom can go long stretches in a car, with no sanctuary from traffic, children screaming, or the radio incessantly playing songs you can’t stand any longer. The mental demands on being a mother, and “Chief Transportation Officer” of the family can transform an automobile from efficient means of travel, to a dreaded 4-wheeled cage of negativity, testing speed limits and mental fortitude of all who dare enter. One company attempting to shift this mindset towards a more pleasant, energizing journey is Hook Lights, a custom car lighting company based in Georgia, USA.

Does Light Really Affect Our Moods and Thoughts?


With basic senses evolved over millions of years, such as sight, sound and touch, it only makes sense ambient light affects us on a visceral, primal level, and clinical research studies proves it. “A significant reduction in depression symptom severity following bright light therapy in seasonal affective disorder and in nonseasonal depression… when the “noise” from unreliable studies is removed, the effects of light therapy are comparable to those found in many antidepressant pharmacotherapy trials”. Most SUVs or Minivans (for larger families) are bare-bones interiors, cloth, with stock lighting. A darker car interior signals “night time” to the retinas, triggering circadian rhythms of sleep and drowsiness. Eyesight is so important to cue body functions, solar eclipses are known to make animals nap or sleep during the daytime. Is it any wonder why road rage is commonplace? As parents we are constantly being bombarded with demands for our attention, time, energy – our life force. Rather than become a cliche parent, speeding and swerving recklessly as we yell at our children who aren’t behaving, an automobile has an opportunity to be a fortress of refuge, offering respite in a paved sea of chaos. Ernest Martynyuk, CEO of Hook Lights, knew he could combine his passion for art, hardware, and software into one unique product – custom car lighting. Automobile customizations are certainly not new, but lighting ones were far less used due to the perception of being “flashy”. Ernest didn’t want to cater to just young generations who view their automobile as a rave experience. He wanted to go a level deeper, transcending age, gender, or preconceived notions of what car lighting is and could be.

(Ernest, CEO,

Hardware: From his office in Georgia, USA, Ernest literally builds lighting fixtures, soldering, and tinkering with different materials to create LED (light emitting diode) kits and bulbs. Leveraging an automobile enthusiasm and background in photography, he is able to blend artistic elements with functional lighting principles, a symphony of unyielding hardware materials diametrically oppose incased lighting as it flickers and jumps from mood to mood.

Software: One of the biggest advantages of Hook Light products is the ability to change lighting colors and intensity. Rather than rely on one-size fits all, he understood a 19 year old hyped up on Mountain Dew  is certainly a different archetype than a 42 year-old mother going to a friday night game. It’s easily managed through a mobile application too for smart-phones. As moms we like to get crazy and jam out too, so it’s agnostic technology, catered to individual tastes at any given moment.
Because Ernest created the company after playing video games (Mass Effect) and witnessing the beauty in background lighting, he cares more about experiences than creating a big box, soulless lighting company. Every product is handmade in Georgia, USA, ships within 24 hours, and backed by an iron-clad lifetime warranty.