Keeping my lips moist and kissable can be hard to do in winter, especially if I lose my lip balm or head out of the house without it. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm gives my lips a beautiful ultra shiny look and with the new limited edition patterns available, I will never have trouble finding my lip balm again!


Each of these lip balms have a little story behind them, who they are inspired by, what fashion statement they make and some words to live by!  I love all the pretty patterns, I feel cool just taking one of these out of my make up bag in public, like I am making some sort of fashion statement, they are the coolest lip balms in town right now!


As always Carmex lip balm is ultra moisturizing, it relieves dry and cracked lips almost immediately and I have been going through this stuff like crazy!  One stick will probably last a month depending on how many times you use it but if you are like me and tend to carry a few lip balms around then you will definitely need the whole set because they rock!


Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm is available in stores such as walgreens and walmart nationwide!