Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Disney, I attended the Cars 3 Event and received and all expenses paid trip in exchange for coverage.

On my most recent Disney trip to San Francisco we got some of the best inside information directly from the Producer Kevin Reher and Director Brian Fee about the upcoming Cars 3 Movie.  When lightning McQueen first started out, he was the newest, coolest car on the block, no one could beat him or look any cooler than him.  In Cars 3 you will see how he has evolved throughout the years but you will also see that he is older and there are some newer and cooler looking cars out there now and McQueen will have to up his game if he wants to stay on top. Like most athletes, they have their struggles and you will understand more the message of the movie that is buried somewhere in McQueen’s story.

Things change throughout life, stories, people, situations, as people grow life has new meaning and discoveries. – Brian Fee

One of the things I was eager to hear about was what it is like to work with some of the cast, Owen Wilson is one of my favorite actors and I was surprised to find out that he actually played some part in changing some of the lines.

He would look at some of his lines then stop and say “This doesn’t make sense to me”, he wears his writers hat when in the booth and what often ends up on screen is something we didn’t start out with. – Brian Fee

Owen is great at rewriting things, he has recorded many version of the movie that aren’t on screen!

Photo by Gerardo Mora

Nathan Fillion, Voice of Sterling is very charming, “He sits down and starts smiling at you”, he is a pleasure to work with and he is one of those guys that will give you 7 takes and they are all perfect, he is very charming and a fast worker, he is very gracious and personable.

When Kerry first came in for a recording session, she apologized a lot for forgetting words and not knowing lines but she throws them out like she’s a veteran and instinctively has them down.

When actors are saying their lines the directors and producers try not to look at their faces, they just want to hear how the character would sound, visualize it and see how their voice cuts through which I think is very smart.

Jackson Storm, his character isn’t supposed to be evil or like and enemy but more of a new and updated version of McQueen, you can see how technology is changing, Storm thinks he inherited the world, like the world owes him something and everyone else doesn’t belong anymore but he will be challenged and pushed to new places.  Cars 3 is different from the previous movies, they expand the world of characters with different and deeper situations throughout life. Cruz Ramirez feels like she doesn’t belong and the hope is that people can relate to her situation.

CARS 3 Trailer!

Don’t forget, CARS 3 arrives in theaters everywhere on June 16th!!!

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