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Price – $39.99 Month and Free Shipping

When I saw a deal on Living Social for Cate and Chloe, It was too good to pass up, unfortunately the deal is over now but I know a few of you did manage to catch it!

If you haven’t heard of Cate and Chloe before they have a monthly VIP subscription box that includes 2 pieces of jewelry, valued at over $200.


Cate and Chloe ship in the cutest little pink box, even the wrapping paper is gorgeous with tiny gold stars!


Each piece comes in a cute little box with a ribbon, I love the packaging!



There is also an information card included with this months jewelry and a tip of the month!

The Jewels


Mary “Motherly” Necklace

This is a dazzling and gorgeous silver plated necklace with Zirconia Stone, I wish I could take a video of how sparkly this is in the sunlight.  This is a real timeless and classic peice of jewelry and I love how pretty it looks!


Olivia “Dignity” Studs

These are also a classic piece, they sparkle beautifully in the sunlight and are just gorgeous! These are also silver plated with a beautiful Zirconia, they really sparkle when the sunlight hits them!

Final Thoughts

The jewelry is very well made and everything is super classy but unless something is made with silver or gold ot handmade then it’s not worth much in my opinion.

Have you tried out Cate and Chloe yet?  What do you think of there products?

If you would like to find out more or Sign Up for a box Click Here!