I was recently invited to join Walkers Shortbread Society and as a Scottish person who loves shortbread, this is thrilling!  I grew up in Scotland (first 24 years of my life).  then I moved to the states.  Walkers shortbread, there is nothing like it, no shortbread cookie can beat it.


When I go grocery shopping I always pick up some of my favorite shortbread, my kids love it and my husband loves it and I am keeping a small piece of Scotland in our home!  I will be testing out Walkers shortbread in the months to come and sharing their latest creations and shortbread news with all of you shortbread lovers! The latest shortbread products I have been testing outare delicious and really bringing me back to that taste of home!


I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and every time I would visit my grandmothers she would have a little plate of shortbread cookies, her favorite was the Pure Shortbread Sticks with the little holes on top, total buttery goodness!  You bite into it and it melts in your mouth but you get that amazing buttery crunchiness all in one bite.

The Pure Butter Shortbread rounds are equally as delicious, with the traditional Scottish Thistle on the front, this really makes my snacktime feel like I’m back at home, on another note, never touch a real thistle, they are super prickly! Adorned with the Scottish thistle and packaged in an attractive red tartan box, this luxury shortbread is baked in the heart of the Scottish Highlands to the founder’s 100-year-old pure butter shortbread recipe.


Walkers Pure Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are my absolute favorite, I adore them!  They melt in my mouth and the chocolate is delicious, but hey who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?  I’m not a soft cookie fan, I love the crunch, the bite and the added taste of the chocolate, Not gonna lie, this box was gone within the hour (with help from my kids).

Click Here to visit Walkers Shortbread, they have everything you need to indulge AND check out the special promotion they have going on below!


This post is in partnership with Walkers Shortbread / Pr.