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Code-a-pillar is a brand new toy from Fisher Price that will inspire little ones to become big, big thinkers!  When our Code-a-pillar first arrived, my kids were super excited, they have lots of toys but nothing Code-a-pillar, it’s very unique and definitely a one of a kind experience for little ones.


Code-a-pillar is designed for kids aged 3-6, my daughter who is only 2 1/2 still loved it though and my son who has just got out of preschool was pretty wowed!

Code-a-pillar is a great way to learn some problem solving skills, you can arrange and re-arrange the segments, they are really easy to connect together, whichever way you arrange the different segments is the way the Code-a-pillar will move, you can program it to move in hundreds of different ways and it’s a very hands on toy that I think provides a fun way to learn and problem solve.



There is a handy big button on the top to turn it on, it’s really easy to use and it plays some pretty cool sounds!

My favorite feature of Code-a-pillar would have to be the design itself.  It’s sleek and futuristic but not over complicated and it’s easy for my little ones to use and learn as they grow.  Whilst they are learning they are also having fun which I think is very important since most kids get bored easily.


Code-a-pillar also has targets and your kids can try and code it to reach the targets, it’s fun and exciting!

Here are some other great features:

  • Helps Children learn to think independently.
  • Gives fine motor skills a fab workout
  • Children will learn that through actions, this can make things happen!
  • Fosters 21st century skills like curiosity!

Check out the short video of Code-a-pillar in action!

If you are looking for a completely different toy than the usual stuff, I completely recommend Code-a-Pillar, it’s an excellent learning experience for your kids and fun at the same time!

You can pick up your own Code-a-pillar at Best Buy for only $49.99!