Coffee Dates from Hell is a book after my own heart, before I was married with kids and a family, I had quite a few coffee dates, when you are on the dating scene, sometimes a quick coffee is the easiest way to meet someone.  After so many bad coffee dates I ended up only going on dates where some alcohol was involved to break the ice, don’t get me wrong, some people may have a great coffee date but I never had one work out for me.


The author of this book, Jim Tilberry, went on 453 coffee dates, sometimes as many as 10 per day, he didn’t sleep for 7 months.  Jim refers to most coffee dates as huge disappointments, they can sometimes feel like a job interview where people meet each other, ask questions, shake hands and exaggerate about their accomplishments, with the other person leaving and feeling like a loser.

It’s the little things..

One of the first things that made me laugh in the hilarious book is the different things you might notice about someone when you first meet them.  They may have a big mole on their face that you just can’t take your eyes off or their teeth might look like candy corn, amongst other things.  This is so true, there have been many times I have instantly been put off by little things on a date!

The book also describes the type of people you might end up with on your coffee date, such as the one who talks too much, the boring one and that person who likes to make fun of you and joke around.

The Contents

There are lots of different mini stories that have all been inspired by Jim Tillberry’s experience with his 453 coffee dates.  Some of the stories range from normal people going on coffee dates to Albert Einstein, there are so many different types of people you can meet out there and this book has them all, after reading this you will know what a bad coffee date is!

What I Think

I loved this book, it has 147 pages and I’m not sure if I am just a fast reader but I completed the book in about 3 hours.  One of my favorite stories was the Abraham Lincoln one, he was on a date and Mary Todd, the lady he was on his date with would not stop mocking him about his hat, when he took his hat off she thought his head was too small, therefore he had to put his hat back on, quite a few times.  The lady was rude, very rude and Abraham was a gentleman the whole time!

This book is absolutely hilarious, not for the faint of heart but if you have a great sense of humor and love little short stories you will love this book!

I also enjoyed reading the parts about different coffee companies that have tried and failed.  Did you know that if you feed an elephant coffee beans, it’s digestive system will break down the protein then when it comes out “the other end” it makes a perfect cup of coffee?  Well some company who heard about this and didn’t have an elephant decided to open up a coffee company based on this theory, but used there dog to break down the coffee… You will have to check out the book to find out more!

Overall this is a great read and I haven’t read a book like this in a while, I think most people who have been on bad dates would enjoy this one, I also liked that each of the little stories were completely different!


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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest opinion, regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.