is the perfect way to upload your photos and have them printed out onto a Blanket, Mug, Calendar and much more!

It’s so simple!  All you need to do is upload your photos and select from the many options that they have, you can add your own borders, shapes and rearrange your photos!


The blanket I received was nice and soft, I didn’t do a collage and just opted to use one large photograph, it turned out great!

The ordering process was easy, all I had to do was create my custom collage and upload my images then the product was shipped out to me, I received it within less than 1 week!

38c248cebc1fba1de0727567070cbdf661923824 products make perfects!  Especially for new mothers, your parents, family members and pretty much anyone who loves to have memories that they can see forever!

Keep you and your loved ones warm with one of the customizable photo blankets. Each blanket is printed on high quality, durable fleece and is machine washable. The shorter plush on the fleece blanket ensures your photos are as sharp as possible and is perfect for use as a wall hanging or quilt.
Photo blankets are the perfect, unique gift to show the loved ones in your life how much you care.


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Disclosure: I received a product in exchange, all opinions are my own.