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Have you ever colored your hair? I have, lots of times, especially when I was younger, I used to switch up my hair color and style pretty much every 3 months. I was never happy with the way my hair looked when I was in school, straighteners weren’t very good back then and since I had thick frizzy hair it made styling it hard for me so I would just change the color as often as possible.  Those days were fun and I mostly did it at home.

Now that I am older and have 3 kids, I try and keep my hairstyle easy to manage, but I still like to experiment with color from time to time.  I was a natural blonde when I was younger but over the years my hair has gotten darker.  If I were to make multiple trips to a hair salon to touch up my roots it would probably cost me a fortune!


Last year, I went bright red for a few weeks, it was fun but wasn’t really me.  I did love the vibrant look and that’s the thing, If I want to change my hair color I can, it’s important to just go for it, if you want to do something, have a new experience or feel more confident, do it!

Out of all the hair colors I have tried, think brunette, highlights, red, purple and black, I always end up going back to blonde, maybe it’s because I was a natural blonde once up a time, who knows, but if I do get bored with it, I take the leap and I try out a new color.

A small change or even a large change in hair color won’t throw you off your routine, you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, you may feel more confident, you may want something different or may want to feel empowered!

Maybe you have always dreamed of being a brunette, or taking the leap and going blonde? Clairol Nice’n Easy hair color is effective and an easy at home hair color solution.  They only make  superior, natural-looking color, so even in revealing sunlight, it doesn’t look like hair color, it looks like it’s 100% you.

Clairol Nice’n Easy also has a secret. In every box of their at home hair color solution is a miracle CC Color Seal Cream for added shine, brilliance and softness!

Clairol Nice’n Easy also provides 100% grey coverage and it’s available in 45 different shades ranging from the lightest blonde to a deep natural blue/black; never fake or phony shades.

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Clairol Nice’n Easy believes when you do something new, push your boundaries, break your routines – we all reap the rewards. Our confidence grows and we believe in ourselves just a little bit more each and every time. Whether it’s trying a new yoga pose, or experimenting with a new hair color, doing something new empowers us and gives us that confident bounce in our step.

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