Craft Vapery kindly sent me their subscription box to review. Every month you will receive a selection of different vapors to try out, only flavors you love based on your preferences. Craft Vapery has 5 different subscription options ranging from 2 to 6 vapors each month.


When my box arrived, I was headed out to meet my husband at his RC car racing event, I was really excited I just had to take the box with me and explore everything!

Craft Vapery Review

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Price – $24 Month / 2 Bottles, $33 Month /  3 Bottles, $44 Month / 4 bottles, $50 Month / 5 Bottles, $58 Month / 6 Bottles

Craft Vapery offers members a discount on hardware, they are also experts in the vaping industry, they know how to pick great flavors and only send out bottles from the best brands.  Craft Vapery also has quite a few options, you let them know which flavors you like, which ones you dislike and you can also choose your nicotine level from 0mg to 18mg.  You pretty much build your own box and only receive flavors you like!

Now I like a cigarette every now and then so I chose the 18mg of nicotine, it’s pretty strong but hits the spot!  Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, for smokers and non smokers, it’s a way to relax and take some time out.  If you are a smoker, vaping is definitely an alternative to consider!  Click Here to view Craft Vapery’s vaping guide!

The Starter Pack $75 Value ($50 for members)



When I first saw everything included in the starter pack I thought it looked really complicated, but that is not so! It’s actually really, really easy to put together.  Screw all the parts together, then plug it into the USB to charge, once it’s charged add your vapor liquid, fairly simple, took me about 3 minutes to figure it out!  There is even a useful tutorial you can watch if your like me and think everything looks hard!

The starter kit contains 1 Kanger Aerotank with Airflow Control, 1 5-Pack of Kanger Aerotank Atomizers, 1 Variable Voltage Twist Battery (650 mAh) and 1 USB Charger.  This is a really good deal and perfect if you are new to vaping, everything is included to get you started!

The Juice


Belmont Brew by Long Beach Juice Supply $12

This is a honey peach flavor that is infused with melon, I really like this flavor, it makes me feel like i’m laying on a beach eating fresh fruit.  When you inhale this you instantly get a sweet fruity taste!  One other thing I like about this is that it doesn’t have a citrus taste like most fruit flavored things seem to have. there is no sour aftertaste!


The Jefe by DNA Vapor $12

If you are a smoker and trying to quit cigarettes, I would recommend this vapor!  It tastes just like a real cigarette, as soon as it’s inhaled you instantly get the same effect with the nicotine included of course.  The flavor reminded me of malboro and I think this would be a good option for helping to relieve cravings!


Vapologie Fresh Brew $12.50

This one is probably my least favorite, mainly because it has a citrus taste but it does have a relaxing tea flavor too!  I love the aroma though, it smells like earl grey tea, has hints of tart orange and a touch of lemon.  If you like citrus flavored things then this would be perfect for you, don’t forget you get to choose the flavors you like and dislike!


The Vial Cafe Latte $13.99

Oh My!  Can you even guess how much I love this flavor? Coffee, yes please!  This is like heaven in each puff! I can’t seem to find the website for this juice but it is sold on quite a few and from what I read (I may be wrong) It’s produced in the UK! If you are a coffee lover like me you have to try this!


Craft Vapery Tester Tropical and Exotic Baked Goods

Aside from the coffee, this was my favorite!  It’s sweet, very sweet and I love sweet things.  This juice is like eating candy but without all the calories.  If you love chocolate and sweet things, this will curb your cravings!  I really hope Craft Vapery brings this flavor out and introduces more like this one!

My Thoughts

Whether you are a smoker or a non smoker, vaping has a lot of advantages and can be put to good use!  If you are a chocolate lover or have a sweet tooth, you can use the vapor to curb your cravings, with or without nicotine, which is perfect if you are a non smoker as you can use these vapors to your advantage without any harmful effects.

If you are a smoker and trying to quit but finding it extremely hard I would recommend a tobacco flavored vapor with the added nicotine.  You get the cigarette taste and the nicotine but a lot less harmful effects than an actual cigarette!

If you are looking to try out new flavors, Craft Vapery only sends out the best quality juices and I definitely recommend trying out their subscription service!  The main thing I like is that you get to try out different brands, different flavors and you can customize your monthly box to fit your needs.

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If you would like to find out more or sign up for a subscription to Craft Vapery Click Here!

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I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.