Thank you to JMATEK for providing Coffee for Mom with a Dehumidifier to test out, all opinions are my own.

We recently just purchased our first home, it needs a lot of upgrades but we love it!  One thing that we noticed a couple of weeks ago was mold growing inside the wall downstairs, the previous homeowners tried to cover it up with a plant, so we missed it in the home inspection, not cool!

However, the mold hasn’t spread too far and we are currently working on getting it removed, we had had to tear down part of the wall which was a complete pain!


I recently got a chance to try out a great Dehumidifier from Honeywell, Dehumidifiers are extremely useful throughout the year, they help reduce moisture in the home which helps limit mold and mildew, now that I have one, this will be getting used all the time!

Maintaining  a decent humidity level in your home is necessary to help prevent household issues and health issues, we have 3 little ones to think about and ourselves so keeping the humidity level decent is very important!  Mold especially can cause health concerns for some people so keeping mold out of our house is necessary!


The Honeywell DH70W Humidifier is energy star qualified and removes up to 70 pints in 24 hours.  When the tank is full it will automatically shut off so it doesn’t overfill.

It has a smart digital humidistat control which automatically sense room humidity and activates the dehumidification that is needed to maintain preset humidity levels.

Some great features include

  • Electronic display that shows room temperature and humidity levels
  • Continuous drain for unattended operation
  • A great auto start feature to continue after a power outage
  • A water tank that easily detaches with a comfortable ergonomic handle
  • The anti spill tank stands up to help keep water balanced and prevent spills
  • Automatic 24 hour on/off timer


The Dehumidifier works in great in medium to large rooms, kitchens basements, bedroom and bathrooms!  It has dual fan speeds with a high and low settings, the air filter is washable and helps catch unwanted dust particles from the air.

I love that Dehumidifier is easy to empty, easy to clean and has a nice glossy white color that looks good in our home.  There is also very handy wheels on the bottom so you can easily roll it from room to room!

Just in last couple of weeks I have noticed a decrease in the mildew smell coming from the corner downstairs, we have been running the dehumidifier constantly to help with moisture.

If you are looking for a great dehumidifier, this is top notch and has worked great for our home and family.


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