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It’s almost summer and with summer comes crazy race nights in our house, My husband and I are huge Race Day fans and we also love RC Cars, every year we do a bit of travelling around the state and I cheer my husband on as he races his super cool remote control cars!  My kids go crazy over car racing, from start to finish and my husband usually invites his friends over to watch the races, talk about their hobby and eat some hot food!

It’s not all about my husband though, I get to hang out with the wives whilst my kids play with their kids, more often than not I end up with a headache as it’s go, go, go, but that’s how it is, Race Night is fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Thankfully I have my trusty Advil-Film Coated to help out with the headache and also my foot that’s extremely painful at the moment, I went to the doctor last week and he told me I have plantar fasciitis, I had no idea what that is but it hurts!  Advil-Film Coated Rapid Release Formula has been keeping me sane right now, it’s fast acting and really helps me with the inflammation in my foot.  I picked some of this up whilst I was at Walmart, It can be found near the pharmacy in the cold and flu section. Advil-Film Coated helps with headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, back pain, and aches and pains associated with the common cold, Click Here for a coupon.

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My husband is especially excited about Race Day because Ty Dillion is driving the Nexium Car on April 9th and will also be driving a car sponsored by Advil later in the year.  I have learned a lot about Ty Dillion from my husband so we will be cheering him on as we watch the Duck Commander!  There is nothing more fun that watching an awesome drive race taround the track and we will for sure have a few of our friends and their kids around to watch!

Aside from cheering and partying on Race Day, I also love to whip up some great food, one of my favorite things to make is an amazingly spicy, crispy hot wings recipe!  It took me a while to perfect the crispiness of frying chicken wings and now that I have mastered the art I want to share this recipe with you all!

Crispy Chipotle Garlic Hot Wings Recipe

Prep Time – 10 Minutes / Cook Time – 20 Minutes


  • 8 Raw Chicken Wings
  • Garlic Salt
  • 1/4 Butter
  • All Purpose Flower



Step 1

In your deep fryer or a pot, add in oil and heat it to around 375 degrees. Season your chicken with two tablespoons of garlic salt, add 1/3 Cup of flour for a light breading, melt 1/4 Cup of Butter in the microwave then add it to the chicken, mix everything together.


Step 2

Add your chicken to the deep fryer or large pot, make sure it’s at the right heat or the crispiness of the wings won’t be perfect!  Cook for 12 minutes or until wings are a really nice golden brown color.

fried chicken recipe

Step 3

Once your wings are cooked, remove them from the frying pan and place them on a paper towel to get rid of some of the oil.


Step 4

Add 1/3 Cup of butter to a frying pan, heat it until it melts then add your choice of sauce, mix it in and keep stirring until it’s all mixed together (add little by little amounts of sauce until you have the right flavor and spiciness you are aiming for).


Step 5

Pour the finished sauce over your chicken wings and add some fresh chili to garnish!


This recipe is a favorite, my friends and husband absolutely love it, it’s easy to make your own and you can add as little or as much heat as you like, I wouldn’t recommend eating the peppers but they add a really cool finishing touch!


So whilst you are preparing some yummy food for Race Day don’t forget the chaos that always goes on, pick up some Advil-Film Coated and go about your day like a boss, it’s fast acting and makes my day easier.

Don’t forget to watch Ty Dillon driving the Nexium Car on April 9th at Duck Commander and also the Advil Car later this year, check out Ty Dillon’s Nexium car on page 59!