Is your jewellery box looking a little lack-lustre? A decent collection should last someone their entire life. In fact, it’s not uncommon that quality pieces also get passed down as heirlooms throughout the family.

So, if you feel as though your collection might be missing some important items, now is the time to compensate. The essential part, whether you are trying to find the perfect pair of silver earrings or you’re seeking a beautiful pendant, is that you build your collection with quality.

By investing in core items, you will discover in this guide the must-have pieces that you just cannot be without.

Classic Studs

A genuine pair of diamond studs are a fundamental piece in any women’s jewellery box. You can find them in a variety of styles or with other precious gemstones but they are seen as a classic. They will be timeless and never lose their value, hence why investing in a quality pair of studs is a must! Think about shapes too, from oval to rectangular, choose the best style for you.


When considering bracelets, you specifically want to think about cuff or building a stack of bracelets. This is an essential item and can make a huge difference to any outfit. Whether you are going casual or dressing up for the evening, play around with different materials, shapes and sizes. It’s also good to look at the finer details like craftsmanship. How it is made and its structure will give away a great deal about its quality.

Cocktail Ring

From sapphires to rubies, a great cocktail ring can lift the hand and attract the right kind of attention. Not only is it a must-have in any woman’s jewellery collection but the style can be completely individual. Think bold shades, interesting stones and a detailed band. In fact, several rings utilize a number of stones.

An Adult Watch

A classic watch never gets old. You can wear it up and you can wear it down, the watches always remain timeless and completes the ultimate jewellery collection. Invest in quality, the watch won’t go out of trend and will stand the test of time. Don’t forget, luxury watches can be very glamorous and made from first-class materials like titanium. Think simple and classy. Elegant and clean.

Dangly Earrings

Dangly or drop earrings can work wonders for framing the face and be the icing on the cake when going out. Versatile by nature, drop earrings stand out and are designed to be seen unlike the studs. Adding movement and glamour, they are perfect for the collection!

The Minimal Necklace

It’s like your second-skin. You can wear it every day and it blends nicely with your body. This also means you can mix and match it with other necklaces as the design will be simplistic and clean.

If you are missing any of these pieces, start building your collection so that next time you need to dive in, you’ll have everything you need.