Discover Our America is a monthly box subscription that empowers people to experience and celebrate each U.S. state’s uniqueness. Each month they carefully pick 5-7 products from each state to help you experience it in a new way!

The Cost – $39.95 Month / Shipping – $7.95

sub box

This box shipped inside a box which means the box I received arrived in perfect condition, I love the packaging and just wait until you see inside the box it’s even cooler!

This months featured state is Michigan, a place where I have never been so it was exciting for me to try out some different products from that state. Now let’s check out what was inside!


Faygo, Rock and Rye Pop $2 Value

Two Russian immigrants created this pop in 1907, Detroit Michigan, I think that’s cool (obviously this bottle is new and wasn’t made in 1907.)  It tastes like red cola with a little more vanilla flavor than the norm, I really like it and if I see it around I will definitely be buying some more!


Martha’s Original Mackinac Island Fudge – Salt Water Taffy $7.99 Value

I find it weird that they call this fudge, is taffy a type of fudge?  Anyhow, it’s delicious and pretty much what you would expect from taffy, my kids liked it too!  I also found it to be just a litte softer than some other types of taffy which I like!


Cherry Republic – Wild Cherry Tea $12.95 Value?

I have never really liked cherrys but I know someone who will love this, she drinks tea like it’s going out of fashion so it will make a nice gift!  Other than that, I like the packaging and how the tea is stored!



Zingerman’s “What the Fudge” Candy Bar $6 Value

Now this candy bar was freakin’ amazing and my favorite thing in the box! I don’t like dark chocolate too much but this had a very light coating and the rest was some delicious fudge with some amazing caramel inside, like it had just been freshly made, seriously, even if you don’t like dark chocolate you gotta try this bar because it’s delicious and I wouldn’t normally pay $6 for a candy bar but I would totally buy this again.


Detroit Bold Woodward Ave Coffee $6.99 Value

For a city that works as hard a Detroit, a coffee this bold is only fitting. Detroit Bold is the perfect start to a busy Monday or a lazy Sunday. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited to see coffee in the box, It smells like something I will like and I will be trying it out in the morning!


Detroit Popcorn Company Caramel Corn $1.69 Value

I’m not a big popcorn eater but I tried some and it was really good!  Then I gave the rest to my daughter, I’m pretty sure she ate half the bag! The Detroit Popcorn Company has been operating for almost 100 years!


Sanders Dark Chocolate Dark Sea Salt Caramel – 50c Value?

Again, not really a dark chocolate fan but the caramel was really good!  I am guessing if you like dark chocolate and caramel this would be a hit!



There was also an information booklet about Michigan with lots of different topics to read through, I learned a little today!


The information card provides a great description of all the products included!

This months box has an estimated value of around $37 which is a little bit below the cost of the box but with boxes like these, the value comes with the curation, the information booklet was a nice addition, the box arrived in perfect condition and if I was to order each product separately it would cost a lot more when you include shipping.  In the next box it would be nice to see the value be just a little higher but I did get to try out new products that aren’t local to me and that’s what this subscription is about, discovering america!

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Disclosure: This box was received for review, all opinions are 100% my own.