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So here is a little story, recently my 9 month old had a viral infection, I had already taken him to the ER and Doctors twice then the viral infection seemed to get better.  About a week later, my son seemed to be stuffed up again, he was screaming and nothing I could do would calm him down, he usually sleep 12 hours a night so this was pretty unusual for him.

I figured he might have an ear infection as every time it was really noisy he would cry.  So I took him into urgent care one night, they ended up sending us off in an ambulance to the ER downtown so he would get diagnosed quicker, well it wasn’t quicker, I was stuck in the ER with my kid and his huge car seat as they said it would be best not to take my car, we still waited 5 hours to be seen.  He ended up having a double ear infection, so to say I was a little bit mad is an understatement, I ended up having to get a cab home as I had left my car at the Doctors.

Moral of the story is, all of this could probably have been avoided if I had used a great service like Doctor On Demand.


Doctor On Demand is the fastest, most convenient way to see a doctor from the comfort of your home, they provide video visits with board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, and doctorate-level psychologists via smartphones, tablets, and computers, you don’t need to leave the couch!

You can simply download the app or visit the website for a list of symptoms and you will be instantly connected for a video visit. Medical visits are only $40 or less and it is now covered by many health plans which means your visit may be fully or partially covered by your health plan or employer, just find out your visit cost when you register!


How many of you have sat in the ER or Urgent Care, waiting, for hours, only to find out the problem wasn’t as serious as you thought it was? When you or your kids are sick, you want them to feel better as soon as possible, a 5 hour wait isn’t very quick and this is why I love Doctor On Demand, the average wait time is only 3 minutes!

Doctor On Demand physicians can diagnose and treat specific conditions like allergies & asthma, acne or other skin issues, and can provide prescription refills!

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