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During my first pregnancy, I had the worst hip pain ever, my hips literally felt like they were going to fall apart and be split in half.  This wasn’t just near the end of my pregnancy, this was from about 26 weeks then on.  My nurse had told me that the baby was laying low and that’s what was likely causing the hip pain so she tried me with a hip support belt.  That didn’t work, the pain was still still there and I had trouble just lifting my legs to put on a pair of pants. I remember the pain like it was yesterday, it was sharp, like a knife cutting in and around my hips and at times it was unbearable, I just wanted to lay in bed, my social life was non existent and my husband was deployed up until the end of my first pregnancy which made things even worse.  I had no one to help me with chores, cook dinner, clean the house or anything else, I had to suffer through my pain and get things done.

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Up until my first pregnancy I had always been a really healthy person, I had never experienced joint pain on any types of broken bones in my life.  Both of my grandparents had their kneecaps replaced with a metal type plate and my granddad also had a hip replacement.  Up until my own experience with my hip pain, I had no idea what they went through, the everyday struggle and the effect it has on your life and although we go through pain and discomfort it’s important that we try and keep our live on track, together and enjoy every moment that we can.  I was fortunate that after my pregnancy, the hip pain went away and I never really had it with my daughter, but with my second son it came back.

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