When I was a child and was waiting on the tooth fairy, I would have loved a little doll house made especially for the fairy to rest in when she got here, that would have made a magical experience, now Dreamland Fairy brings that idea to life!


The Dreamland fairy kit comes in a little box which reminds me of a happy meal, it instantly makes you smile when you see it and you want to dig right in and see what’s inside!


Inside the box there is a book, paint and a wooden house designed for a little fairy, you paint the house yourself and it’s great for the imagination!

The book explains how fairies love to write stories and poems but when they run out of ideas they remember that children love to dream and one time when they fly into a little ones room they see a little fairy house where they can sit and listen to the little one dreaming!


The house is really cool!  You can also paint the inside and put in some little pieces of doll furniture. The doors open and close and on the top there is a little hatch in the shape of a flower that opens and closes to let the fairy inside!


This is the little hatch, Dylan and I both painted the house, you can pretty much paint it any way you like, use your imagination, what would attract fairies?


Dreamland Fairy was created by two moms, their 6 year old daughters came up with the idea of a fairy house they could keep in their room and they wanted to bring the magical experience to other children and families!

I think this is a wonderful idea, it’s creative, fun and imaginative, my son loves the story too!


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