Disclosure: I received product samples in return for a review. Regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.

logo_enThe Dukan Diet provides you with products that are natural, healthy affordable and result driven.  Only the best products that give the best results are sold at Dukan, each and every product passes their approval process to optimize weight loss efforts and keep the weight off for good!

Dukan also provides personalized coach from their team of experts for the best results!

Dukan Diet Granola

This granola is apple flavored with real cinnamon and personally I love it!  The granola tastes so pure, I usually like granola in cereal but I’ve been using this as a snack to beat cravings and it works great!


This Granola is vegan, has no added sugar and is sweetened with Lo Han (Monk Fruit).  It has low carbs, sodium, fiber and fat but high in fiber which is great for the cholesterol!

It’s made with cinnamon which supports healthy blood sugar, makes you feel full, is a good source of fiber and helps to maintain cholesterol levels!

I have high cholesterol and try to control it through diet, this granola is something I will be eating regularly from now on.  It’s not often you find something sweet, healthy and fulfilling and this honestly hits all of those spots!


There are a couple of recipes I recommend for this granola or other Dukan granolas, we personally tried the apple crumb cheesecake squares and topped it off with granola and they are SO good!


Granola Parfait


Apple Crumble Cheesecake – My personal Favorite!

Dukan Chia Seeds

These seeds really don’t have a flavor, they add a nice crunch to french toast and are super good for you!  I personally had only tried chia seeds in bars before, so I used these with the french toast recipe and they add good crunch!


Chia seeds are a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acids, these ones are also vegan!  They have 5x more calcium than milk, 3x the antioxidant potency of blueberries, 2x the potassium of bananas and 3x the iron found in spinach!

They are also hypo allergenic and free of gluten, corn and soy!

Chia seeds provide a great source of energy and contain powerful antioxidants, fiber, calcium and more!  Chia seeds also help to ease pain and inflammation, they absorb 12 times more water than their weight and help boost metabolism!

I can’t really comment on the taste, since they didn’t really taste like anything but that’s a good thing!  The health benefits of chia seeds make me want to eat them all the time!



Superfood Oat Bran Ball


Chia French Toast


Lemon Chia Fresca

Final Thoughts

I am seriously thinking of starting up the Dukan Diet for a week, just to see how it works!  I never knew that healthy food good be so filling and taste SO good!

They sell so many different types of foods, from Granola, to Pretzels to Chocolate bars and I want to try them all!

If you are considering a weight loss diet, I would recommend trying out this one!  I can’t comment on the overall program but from the foods I tried I am more than impressed.


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