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I recently got a chance to test out the new Garmin babycam, it’s the type of product I have always hoped would be invented one day and now it’s here!  I couldn’t wait to test it out, when I am driving and have a rear facing kid in a car seat, I always worry if they start to cry for no reason, if they have picked something up and are eating something they shouldn’t be, just general mommy concerns but now  I have peace of mind thanks to the Garmin babycam.


With my youngest who is rear facing, the Garmin babycam works great, but it also works great for my daughter who is now forward facing and my oldest son who is in a booster, those two like to argue and annoy each, they think when I’m not looking they can get up to mischief!

Installing the Garmin babycam is very easy and it can be mounted to a headrest in just a few minutes!  You can also adjust the camera so you get the perfect view of your children and I love the fact that it is versatile and can be used for front facing or rear facing car seats.


At night time, when it’s dark, the babycam also adjusts for night time vision and an even bigger plus is that it won’t wake up your children with any bright lights!

The Garmin babycam only works with dedicated Garmin devices, we have used Garmin for years and I wouldn’t recommend anything else!

It’s easy to switch back and forth from your GPS to the babycam view and it will also remind you to check for passengers before you exit your vehicle, I think this is a great feature, not that I have ever forgot about my kids in the car but it can happen and I think this will certainly help out many people in the future!


You can also combine up to 4 of the cameras so you can see 4 different views of inside your vehicle, I am seriously thinking about investing in another because I am already obsessed with this one.

The number one thing when it comes to driving is safety, I don’t like to constantly have to turn my head around on a busy road and have to check on my kids, Garmin babycam solves this problem for me.


What are your thoughts on the new Garmin Babycam?  Do you think this would be useful for you and your family?

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