EggDrop Box is a brand new subscription box geared towards kids and collectors. When you open up your box six eggs will be inside filled with surprise toys. Such as Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony toys, Pixar toys, Dispicable Me Minions, and other various toys.

The Price – $19.99 / Month or $199 99 for 12 months (2 free boxes with 12 month subscription).  EggDrop currently ships within the United States.


EggDrop arrived shipped inside a plastic package and inside was the box, I must say I love their logo!


The box was pretty much filled with stuff, Dylan was super excited when we opened it, he usually doesn’t get quite as excited over subscriptions but before my mom passed away she used to send him Kinder Eggs, so he loves any surprise egg related things.

The Goodies


Ugglys Pet Shop

This box contained two little dogs, super cute, both Dylan and Sophia had a little fight over who gets what.   Ugglys Pet Shop has a few different characters, click here to find out more.



Rads Transformer Candy and Dispenser

This was probably Dylans favorite surprise, he loves candy as most kids do, the dispensers hair comes off, you fill it with candy then attach his hair back on.  The candy comes out of his tongue.  pretty cool!



Shopkins Season 3 Basket

We don’t own anything Shopkins related, Sophia had fun carrying the little basket around and playing with the little Shopkins, it’s super cute and my girl loves sparkles.



Lego Minifigures

I am not sure who this little guy is but Dylan had fun putting him together, he will now be added to Dylans ever growing lego collection!



Littlest Pet Shop Blind Bag

I don’t know who this little guy is but he is certainly cute and Sophia enjoyed playing him!


EDB825AD-CC59-4A86-824C-671BFCC35C49_zps1c0r7fj0Littlest Pet Shop Fash’ems

This toy is squishy!  Like super squishy, bright and colorful and will make a great addition to Sophias toys.


This was a super fun and exciting box for my kids to open and investigate!  I think a few of the toys are also retired and limited edition which makes EggDrop even better!  Do you have a little one who loves opening eggs and surprises?  Click Here to sign up for EggDrop!

Disclosure: This box was kindly sent to us for promotional purposes, all opinions are unbiased and no other compensation was received.