Elmhurst Milked has just released a brand new line of nutmilk products, they are dairy free and if your vegan well your in luck as these are vegan friendly too!

I was sent the selection above to try out and they all have an amazing, natural, nutty flavor.  My youngest has problems with dairy so we have to give him dairy free milk products, he loves these just as much as I do.  They are bursting with flavor, as close to that nutty goodness as you can imagine and right now, in my opinion they are some of the best dairy free milk nut products on the market, they are true to flavor and I just gotta rave about them a little because… it’s love.

Elmhurst Milked is part of a plant based beverage company, they use a cold milling process called ‘milking’ and they craft whole food, non dairy milk products that are full of nutrition with a superior creamy flavor. The products contain none of the bad stuff like some other leading brands.

Almond Milk

It’s light, creamy and a little sweet with hints of almond and vanilla, the flavor is crisp and clean and has a texture comparable to cows milk.

Cashew Milk

It’s smooth and creamy with a mild and delicate nutty flavor that’s refreshing, light and great with cereal.

Walnut Milk

This one is my favorite! It’s amazing in my coffee and has a strong walnut flavor that’s creamy and comforting.

Hazelnut Milk

The light and creamy hazelnut flavor will blow you away, eat with some chocolate or add it to your coffee, it’s sweet and satisfying with a nutty, lingering aftertaste.

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