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I am a mom, a wife, my own boss, I am a strong independent woman, one thing I am not is an object.  I have seen so many commercials, disgusting commercials using woman as objects to promote products, it’s not nice, Women are NOT Objects.

Women have been treated as objects for centuries, from way back in the day when vintage ads came out.  Women should be treated fairly, I don’t believe I have ever seen an ad with a man licking and drooling over a burger to try and sell it, that’s just one example of how women are treated like objects.

women are more than just objects quote

I am truly happy to be included in a Women Not Objects campaign, this is something I feel strongly about, I have had my own experience with being treated like an object and no woman should have to go through that, see it or deal with it.

Check out this extremely powerful video that shows just how some women are treated like objects and how some companies think that it is okay to use woman in a sexually explicit way to promote their products.

Wow, just wow right? Sometimes you never really think about the true meaning behind ads and videos but this just goes to show how some woman are being portrayed and it’s time to take a stand against it!

When I see a model airbrushed, with her boobs hanging out, well that’s not real.  If women are being used to advertise products and services, it should be classy, elegant and portrayed in a way that does not make women look like objects.

I have a 2 year old daughter, right now she is too young to understand commercials and ads with half naked women in them but when she grows up and continues to see these types of commercials, what sort of impression is that giving her?  Will she want to look exactly like a perfect airbrushed model? Will that make her want to buy a certain handbag? Children and women are already under enough pressure to fit in with their peers and society, objectifying women makes this so much worse.

We owe it to ourselves, our daughters, our mothers and all the women out there to be empowered and not be seen or treated like objects!

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The only way to change something is to DO it and we as women can do this together, help empower women everywhere!