Website – www.escapemonthly.com Price – $25 Month 

Each month Escape Monthly brings the world to your door with a subscription box full of surprise products from a selected place in the world!

Escape Monthly has 2 options, I subscribe to Escape Mini, mainly because I don’t need the guide book.

Escape Mini includes 4 -5 luxury products each month, each box is a nice surprise and I have been impressed so far!

The regular Escape Monthly box is $49,95 a month and usually contains a few more products along with a guide book for that months destination. Each box also includes a little guide book detailing the products and some additional information!

This months theme was Paris!


The Products


L’Abbaye De Flavigny Gourmet Candy $5 Value!

These are some of the oldest treats in France, in the past it would take up to 6 months to layer each coat with sugar! Nowadays it takes around 15 days.

These are the Orange Blossom flavor but I really don’t taste any orange, maybe my taste buds are going bad?  They do however taste a little flowery, sugary and have a sort of tea like flavor, they are surprisingly good for sugar cravings!  I love the little tin too, it’s super vintage looking.


Insitut Karite Paris Shea Butter Hand Cream $26 Value!

Institut Karite was the first French brand to exclusively sell shea butter based beauty products.  This is a rose hand cream and smells beautiful!

I love the smell of roses and floral scented products, I tried a little bit out on my hands, it smells amazing left my hands feeling nice and moist.


Nuxe Shower Gel $8 Value!

Nuxe is the leader in anti-aging products and firming body care, founded in Paris.  This is a luxury French brand and this shower gel is 100% plant based and soap free!

This smells amazing, at first I thought it was coconut but it’s almond and flower petals, It has a really unique smell and I can’t wait to use this in the shower later!


Bonne Maman Orange Preserves $3 Value!

This jar of Orange Preserves is made with a time-honored recipe and contains no artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup and no preservatives.

I haven’t tried this yet but I think with some homemade scones this will be the perfect addition for a nice morning treat! This was also a bonus item.

5Moulins De La Brague Olive Tapenade $10 Value!

This is made at a family owned mill that churns out some of the finest tapenade in France.  I am not a big olive fan so I will be passing this one along to a friend, but I am guessing if you love olives then you will probably indulge in this, it sounds great apart from the olive part!

My Thoughts

This months Escape Mini had a total Value of $52 which is totally worth the $25 I paid!  I love the hand cream, the candy, the shower gel and can’t wait to try the orange preserves so this box was a win for me!

I love the surprise aspect of escape monthly, each month is always different and I am always impressed with the outcome!


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