My second (well actually fourth) Womens Small Fancy Mystery Box arrived yesterday!

I don’t know why but for some reason it’s just so exciting opening these boxes and never knowing what’s inside, i’m a sucker for a surprise!

Price: $10 plus $7.95 Shipping

Ships: Via: Fedex

Sizes: You can choose from small $10, Medium $20 or Large $40 Mystery Boxes

I received a total of 3 items in this box!

You can purchase a box here.

This Fancy Mystery Box took about 5 days to arrive and about 5 days to ship, but i do live in WA State so things tend to take a little longer around here.

The Products


Ouchlets Outlet Covers

$7.44 Value!

These are cute!  I have a 3 month old girl who (if like my son) will be crawling at around 6 months, so i need these! All you do is plug them into outlets and they protect those little fingers from being shocked!


Just Mobile Alupen in Red

$11.95 Value!

I also need one of these for my Ipad, so this was a plus for me. They are compatible with all capacitive touchscreens and work with all iPad & iPhone apps.

rainbowFancy Nail Lacquer by Rainbow Honey

$21 Value!

This nail polish is lovely!  But unfortunately i received the same pack in one of my other boxes..  But fortunately for everyone else i will be giving this away, and you can enter below, including some other items from past mystery boxes and Mens Mystery Boxes, but those shall remain a secret!

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The products in this Womens Mystery FancyBox come to a total of $39.35, which isn’t great value but i did get a few useful items!

What are your thoughts on this box?   If you haven’t tried out FancyBox yet you can sign up for an account free here!