When using a drip coffee maker I tend to always end up with coffee granules in my cup, the filter doesn’t work correctly on most occasions and somehow all of those annoying coffee granules find their way through into my cup.


I get tired of using K Cup machines, sure it’s quick and easy but I like my coffee to be fresh when I have the time so I use a drip coffee maker.  I was recently sent the Steel French Press Coffee Plunger from MIRA a few weeks ago and I have found this to be amazing at filtering out my coffee.

First of all, brew your coffee in the drip machine, then pour it into the French Press.

Make sure the lid and plunger are off, once you have the coffee inside add the lid, push down the plunger and there you have it.  All of your excess coffee granules are filtered out.

This is the best type of coffee filtering I would recommend for excess granules, but of course you can also freshly brew your own coffee in this french press if you prefer it do it that way!


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Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned above to review and test out, all opinions are my own.